Resistance 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

The main menu.
Intro cutscene - The Chimera
Intro cutscene the lone survivor
Game start - Goliath in distance
Goliath aiming for exhaust ports on back
In game menu info pause
Weapons info
Line them up...shoot them down!
Health - damage explosion hit
Pickup enemy weapon and firing it!
Uh Major Blake we got Patrol Drones!
Another shot at the Goliath
Last shot on the Goliath port.... FIRE!
Cutscene of the Goliath headed into the ground!
With Bullseye gun you can mark enemy and shoot at him even if he's out of view.
Since the game doesn't have sticky cover system, you'll have to find safe place by yourself.
Dealing with Goliath isn't a joke.
Alright, guys. Not let me reload ammo.
For long distance shootout it's better to choose a gun with lesser scattering.
San-Francisco, beautiful even under alien invasion.
Having fun with Kraken, one of the level bosses.
Melee attack might save your life, don't hesitate to use it.
Drones are annoying, bit pretty easy to kill.
Look around corners and you might find intel, exposing unknown aspects of the scenario.
Better be careful and evade those Hedgehog grenades.
Of course chimera has something to entertain you with inside air ducts.
Energy shield, Auger's alternative attack. Quite a lifesaver.
Running backwards from the horde, you can mistake the game for Serious Sam series.
After grenade, always take the gibs shower.
Sometimes, even the flashlight won't give enough light.
Guys at the cinema queue.
Get off of me, you disgusting spinners!
Resistance 2 sure looks better than it's gray-brown predecessor.
Pause screen.
As you might have guessed, shotgun is extremely effective in close combat.
Man, those titans are sure hard to kill.
Some game situations will make you scream because of difficulty.
Wow, what a huge creature. It doesn't even have a name.
Taking damage, have to deal with that chimera quickly.
Spitter infestation.
I wish there were more grenades, they are so fun.
Be careful not to get into radius of car's blast.
You are dead.
With thermal tracking, Auger is one of the most useful guns throughout the whole game.
You have to react quickly, or else chameleon will get you in instant.
Total score after completing single play campaign seems rather outdated.