Resistance: Fall of Man Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Story prologue.
Chimera decided to expand to other continents as well.
Mission loading.
US rangers had a nasty surprise, they obviously didn't know what to expect.
Regrouping and planning next course of action.
Encountering Chimera.
Well, bullets seem to work well against this new enemy.
Unlucky crash survivors.
So much for air support.
Use the cover when being attacked from multiple directions.
Aiming will zoom in the view and increase your precision.
Streets are crawling with Chimera.
Pause menu.
You can check various gathered documents.
Getting familiar with Chimera intel.
Foothold position that might just withstand Chimeran invasion, or so they thought.
Fate worse than death.
Drone workers are not aggressive, but you'll regret letting them come close to you.
Our hero, and the thorn in Chimeran expansion.
Shoot the glowing bombs to create a chain reaction.
Alternate fire launches grenades that pack a powerful punch.
Taking out an enemy guard on the railing.
Bot traps come with various surprises and usually lie hidden in the grassy areas.
Assault on the heavily fortified hill held by Chimera.
Taking out the enemy turrets.
Rain of bullets.
Good thing these stalkers are distracted by the jeep.
Surrounding the enemy.
Here, doggy, doggy!
There is no limit to how many weapons you can carry.
Sniping down the Chimera.
Bigger enemies have weak spots too, like those coolers on their back.
Turn on the flashlight when in dark areas to clear your vision.
Stalkers are watching over the area.
Here comes the cavalry.
Holding back the enemy.
It's not wise to engage the stalker head-on.