The Saboteur Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Opening act, literally.
Our hero, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of scotch.
German officers are enjoying the show.
Areas occupied by Nazis are displayed in black & white.
Approaching the meeting point.
You can fully rotate the camera during dialogue cinematics.
You can also switch to hood camera when driving a vehicle.
Driving toward the first mission with your new pal, Luc.
There are almost as many places you can climb on as in Assassin's Creed.
Sneaking close enough for a stealth kill.
Got to find a way to enter the fuel depot unnoticed.
Sean has no need for gloves or belts when slide the zip line.
Setting up the dynamite charge.
Germans armored division will have to find another place to pilfer the fuel from.
Behind the stage is a secret passage to Sean's hideout.
While inside the vehicle using 1st-person perspective, you can look around to a certain degree.
Approaching German border.
I guess that's the bar Vittore is waiting for me in.
Fighting the Irish way.
Catching up with Skylar.
The race is about to start.
Grand Prix race is underway.
Now it's personal.
Silent kill.
The element of surprise is on my side.
Bypassing the enemy patrol.
When you equip a weapon, Sean will automatically take cover at certain places.
Searching for Veronique, time is of the essence.
Driving through the country.
Sean can wear German uniforms and driving German vehicles to enter heavily-guarded areas with less chance of getting spotted.
Wearing disguise will only be useful for silent approach.
Flamethrower infantry is resilient to gunshots, aim for gas canisters on their back instead.
Stopping to admire the view despite the high level of alert.
Using German AA-guns to take down the zeppelins.
Using the dynamite is one way of taking out the tank.
Stealing Aurora from general's private collection.
If you've got the proper papers, you'll be able to pass any checkpoint.
Avoiding enemy fighters strafing at you.