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In Demon World, spirits unkill you, so they act like medications.
A bunch of demons warmly welcomes Garcia Hotspur into their home.
Various posters are scattered across the game and provide some background into Demon World.
It's better not to indulge into close combat and keep the distance.
In darkness demons cover themselves with shield, so you'll have to remove it first with light shot.
Staying in the darkness for too long will drain your life, but the light from fireworks or chandeliers keeps it at bay.
Johnsonpedia is available at any second and will provide important gameplay information.
Darkness shielded demons are invulnerable, don't spend precious ammo before removing that shield.
To power up their abilities some demons use human blood containers, so destroying them is the key to victory.
Narrow spaces could be to your advantage and result in less aiming and more shooting.
Obviously, the barrels are the best way to contain light in the Demon World. And demons do not like light explosions.
If you'll stray away from the narrow path, you can find secret places with useful pick-ups.
As the Japanese tradition dictates, all bosses have bright glowing "weak points".
I'll have to get the eyeball, or else that crying door keeper won't let me pass further.
The more barrels the better!
You can find and read fairy tales, which are actually origin stories of bosses.
Sexual jokes are the main type of humourr in Shadows of the Damned.
Weapon upgrades bring more alternative fire modes and cooler design.
All hail the Big Boner, the deadliest weapon in the hand of Garcia Hotspur.
Those hills look pretty familiar, don't they?
The overall act progress is displayed during the loading screen.
Johnson, your handy sidekick, always has comments on any theme.
Some demons actually use armor, so you'll have to blast it before getting to the flesh.
Better be careful and not get under electrical explosion of dying enemy.
Red gems are used to upgrade Johnson's functionality.
Those deadly attacks are simply avoided by ducking away.
Sushi lamp will guide you though the darkness, so keep close to it.
If a demon got you, it's always possible to shake him away with a successful quick time event.
Christoffer, our friendly half-human merchant.
In some situations, target lock will save your life.
Demos, running toward their death.
Some ways require chain bombing them to open the passage.
Suddenly, a 2D side-scroller sequence!
Do you like bowling or pachinko? Then you'll probably be pleased by some mini-games.
I wonder, what was referenced here?
Having fun with puzzles in Moor Pu Dekcuf.
Getting in such a small room with a serious enemy makes you jump even more than usual.
Dealing up with Flemeth, Garcia's archenemy who stole his wife.