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Digital Chumps (Oct 21, 2010)
If you have the PlayStation Move, you need The Shoot. It's a great, fun addition to the genre and makes good use of the Move controller.
Vandal Online (Nov 25, 2010)
Pero no todo son luces en la meca de Hollywood, y The Shoot tiene sus particulares "trapos sucios". The Shoot es un juego muy limitado en su duración, pudiéndose terminar a las pocas horas de empezar si somos ágiles y hábiles con el mando de movimiento (y más si tenemos a un amigo con el que poder cooperar). Su modo de desafío, y su modo de puntuación quizás alarguen artificialmente la vida del juego, pero son insuficientes para los jugadores más exigentes. Aunque The Shoot es un juego más que decente, y su presentación sale de lo común, parece que le falta algo para terminar de brillar entre todas los blockbusters disponibles en el mercado. Aún así, y dada su originalidad, es un título muy recomendable si se quiere probar PlayStation Move con un estreno a la altura.
PSFocus (Oct 27, 2010)
Deze twee zijn gemakkelijk te activeren, maar de eerste feature welke je zeer snel krijgt, als je een beetje goed speelt juist niet. Je moet namelijk 360 graden draaien om deze te activeren. Als je op een draaistoel zit of staat te spelen dan is dat nog te doen, maar als je thuis op de bank zit is dat niet echt heel handig en daarnaast raak je even kort gedesoriënteerd. Nu is de optie zelf prima, maar de manier om te activeren is nu niet echt heel erg doordacht. Dit gezamenlijk met de laadtijden zijn eigenlijk het enige wat er op de game aan te merken valt, want verder is The Shoot een prima titel en tot dusver de leukste game die ik met de PlayStation Move gespeeld heb.
Impulse Gamer (Dec, 2010)
In the end, The Shoot is actually one of the better PlayStation Move titles but unfortunately it's plagued by a very short completion time. Most gamers could easily knock this game over in around 2 hours but thankfully there is a plethora of challenges and unlockables to be found which does draw it out a little more. With good use of the Move controller, The Shoot is a game that can be played and enjoyed by all!
GameFocus (Dec, 2010)
I’m sure you’ve read our previous Move coverage and some may still be on the fence about acquiring the wand or not. If the choice to bring motion controlled gaming home becomes reality and all you need is good game to play alongside Sports Champions, I think you’re better served with The Shoot rather than with Kung-Fu Rider and/or TV Superstars. As a whole, The Shoot may not be the best and most fleshed-out Move game available, but it’s definitely one of the few that is actually worth checking out.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 21, 2010)
The Shoot is a decent game overall. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it perfectly fills the void of a truly fun-to-play, laid-back shooter that’s been missing on the PlayStation 3. The short length may put many off and the lack of variety is blatant. However, that shouldn’t detract from what the game is meant to be: great fun. The Shoot is the perfect game to have some light-hearted family fun, to relive the feel of on-rails arcade shooters of the past, and to kill some time until the more exciting PlayStation Move games hit the market.
It’s worth checking out as a rental, or if you've got a friend to play with – and split the cost with – then The Shoot will give you plenty of good times. You may even find yourself replaying it once or twice. But if money is tight and you need a substantial gaming experience that will last, I can not recommend The Shoot despite its many qualities.
68 (Nov 24, 2010)
At its best The Shoot can be a lot of fun, but the very short length and occasionally cheap AI make it better suited to mad keen shooter fans.
Gaming Age (Oct 28, 2010)
Overall, I definitely had a lot of fun with The Shoot. Like all lightgun shooting games it can feel somewhat repetitive here and there and it doesn't really take all that long to play through for the first time. There's enough unique gameplay additions, extra content and modes to keep most gamers busy for some time, so it's worth checking out if you have any interest in the genre.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 03, 2010)
With only a handful of games available for Sony's new peripheral, 'The Shoot' offers one of the quickest experiences for the new system. In concept there is nothing new here, but that doesn't stop it from being a short, yet frantic game with a few thrills. So if longevity isn't your thing, 'The Shoot' is a satisfying romp for under $40.00.
The Shoot has the makings of a great Playstation Move blast-em-up, but requires plenty of fine-tuning before we can even consider recommending it. With more variation and a more concentrated shooting experience, this would easily be one of our Move party games of choice. Hopefully we'll see the ideas on show here shift and blossom into something brilliant in the future.
XGN (Nov 12, 2010)
The Shoot is weer één van de zoveelste demonstratie van de mogelijkheden van de Move. Maar we weten inmiddels wel wat deze bewegingscontroller kan, dus kom maar op met die hardcore games!
GameSpot AU (Oct 27, 2010)
The biggest issue with The Shoot lies in its length. With each of the five movie sets taking only about 20 minutes each to play through, the game can be done and dusted in less than two hours. A two-player mode adds some length to the proceedings, although trying to rack up multipliers means you'll have to coordinate very closely with your partner to make sure you're not shooting at the same targets. The Shoot also has an extra challenge mode that can be unlocked after discovering poster pieces hidden within each movie. These challenges--one has you hitting moving targets with each miss costing you a "life," for example--are the toughest things you'll find in The Shoot and are well worth digging up for those eager to test their skills. For everyone else, The Shoot presents a few hours of good fun, but there's no need to see the movies on show here more than a few times.
Gamer Limit (Nov 13, 2010)
The Shoot delivers a solid, if somewhat shallow, premiere shooting experience for the PlayStation Move that is over far too quickly.
62 (Nov 04, 2010)
Die Idee, sich auf Schienen durch fünf Filmsets zu ballern, ist eigentlich nicht schlecht. Auch der Fokus auf Treffer-Kombos in Verbindung mit dem Gewinn von Spezial-Aktionen zählt neben der überwiegend präzisen Steuerung zu den Stärken von The Shoot. Die Inszenierung fällt allerdings trotz des anfänglich ansprechenden Comic-Looks zu öde aus: Rasante Kamerafahrten sind die Ausnahme, die Kulissen wirken veraltet und das Gegner-Design ist mit Pappaufstellern und mickrigen Animationen eine kleine Katastrophe. Dazu gesellen sich ein gewöhnungsbedürftiger Soundtrack und die nervigen Kommentare des Regisseurs. Gelegenheitsspieler und ein jüngeres Publikum dürften aber schon allein aufgrund des niedrig angesetzten Schwierigkeitsgrades ihren Spaß daran haben, sich als Filmstar zu versuchen - im Koop-Modus geht es sogar zu zweit aufs Set. Doch auf mich wirkt The Shoot einfach zu billig und unspektakulär - auch wenn man damit den Trash-Faktor der Filme prima unterstreicht.
60 (Nov 01, 2010)
Like all light gun games, it’s ultimately a fairly shallow experience and one you’ll probably only return to when you’re looking for something to wheel out when a bunch of mates descend on you to find out what you’ve been wasting your money on lately. By no means an essential purchase but definitely more fun than I thought it would be and certainly a fairly novel take on the tired old rail-shooting genre.
Level 7 (Oct 23, 2010)
The Shoot är en stilfull rälsskjutare som både underhåller och irriterar. Själva skjutandet fungerar fint, men vissa andra rörelser registreras inte alltid som de ska. Dessutom är det onödigt svårt att låsa upp de få banor som finns – speciellt för yngre spelare. Tack vare den läckra inramningen och ett smart poängsystem är The Shoot ändå ett bra val för fans av genren.
RealGamer (Nov 23, 2010)
The Shoot lacks any really depth and the multiplayer element hasn’t been implemented as well as it could have been and as a result despite not being a bad shooter overall the game quickly starts to feel repetitive.
60 (Jan 12, 2011)
Una sfida dunque poco impegnativa e non molto longeva ma che sfrutta con pulizia e la giusta dose di reazione il Move, centrando almeno l'obiettivo del passatempo senza grandi pretese.
Playstation Universe (Oct 27, 2010)
The Shoot offers mild entertainment in a quick arcade-style shooter package, but it is ultimately lacking in so many areas it is hard to justify the price tag.
Game Over Online (Nov 02, 2010)
The Shoot is an entertaining ride while it lasts. Problem is, it doesn’t last very long. Like most PlayStation Move launch titles it’s a pretty shallow experience. It takes but a few hours to run through all five movies in the Career mode and once you’ve done that, there’s little reason to return for a second screening. Admission to The Shoot is $40. It probably should have been $20. If you’re a fan of the genre or are looking for a fun PlayStation Move experience to share with your family, I recommend you check it out as a rental or wait for the price to drop.
Destructoid (Nov 19, 2010)
If you're absolutely desperate for something to justify your PlayStation Move purchase (and you probably are), then The Shoot is as good a game as any to waste even more cash on. You'll get at least an hour's worth of play time out of it, and you might even go back for one or two stages. There really isn't anything this game does, however, that hasn't been done better, and on far less advanced consoles.
The Telegraph (Nov 25, 2010)
At is base level, The Shoot is a shallow score attack game that eschews any semblance of plot or narrative progression in favour of themed stages in which the goal is to get the highest score you can. It doesn't stand up to the likes of House Of The Dead: Overkill or Ghost Squad, and it doesn't hold a candle to more minigame-inspired lightgun shooters like the excellent Point Blank. It kind of doesn't do anything much, really.
50 (UK) (Dec 22, 2010)
What's more, £29.99 is a lot to ask for a game that only offers a few hours of entertainment, and even less if you're too lazy or rubbish to unlock everything.
50 (Nov 06, 2010)
The Shoot é um jogo simples na sua base, sendo interessante para algumas horas de jogo, mas não retirando a frustração já mencionada. O jogo é extremamente pequeno, com poucas coisas que nos possam atrair para além do que nos apresenta. O valor de repetição resume-se em podermos completar com mais pontos os mesmos cenários. Graficamente bastante aceitável, e com alguns interessantes pormenores.
Console Monster (Nov 24, 2010)
Although there are some nice touches to The Shoot, such as the kill-streak bonuses and the themed environments which are nice looking and interesting, this sadly doesn’t save it from the poor design choices of locking away levels, and the fairly mediocre gameplay which remains the same throughout. The Shoot doesn’t make a convincing reason to purchase the Move controller, and if you’re after a game in this genre it might be worth checking out Time Crisis Razing Storm first.
50 (Oct 27, 2010)
The Shoot n'est pas foncièrement mauvais. En proposant une maniabilité adaptée au genre du rail-shooter, il arrive à offrir une expérience de jeu plutôt sympathique. Mais l'exploitation de son unique idée jusqu'à la trame et le manque flagrant de contenu en font finalement un titre lassant, peu inspiré et donc bien dispensable.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 29, 2012)
The Shoot will put your move controller to good use, and it's not a bad buy if you can pick it up cheap.
The Shoot is an uninspired on-rails shooter that fails to capture the imagination it desires to make real and simply remains below average.
39 (Nov 22, 2010)
In the end The Shoot provides the occasional bout of enjoyment for a single player but almost none for multi. It's not all bad but its design choices get in the way and forsaken the experience. It gets some use out of your Move controllers at least but don't expect anything of any substance.
30 (Nov 02, 2010)
While it's early days yet, it's safe to say that PlayStation Move isn't exactly overflowing with great titles at present. If you're an early adopter, the chances are you didn't spend all that cash to play embarrassing, watered-down rail shooters that are effortlessly eclipsed by their Wii-based rivals. Buy this, and the only shooting you'll be doing is to yourself: in the foot.
20 (Nov 20, 2010)
The Shoot er et spill som kan ta livslysten ut av enhver spillentusiast. Det er et familiespill myntet på de som ikke spiller så mye, men kvaliteten er så laber og spillet så uinspirert at hvis jeg ser mine fremtidige barn spille det, blir det umiddelbar husarrest. Dette rælet av en Move-utgivelse skulle aldri sett dagens lys. Det er ikke morsomt – det er ikke engang på randen til underholdende. Bruk tiden din på noe mer fornuftig og givende, som å lete etter Osama Bin Laden, spise kjeks eller fange tare med håv.