Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Getting familiar with the controls.
Murphy Pendleton, the protagonist of Silent Hill 8.
Vengeance, sometime it's the only option.
Leaving the prison.
Welcome to Silent Hill... this bus took a beating down the ravine.
Found a walkie-talkie... it works the same way as before, it emits static when monsters are nearby.
You can zoom in on the camera to check for more details.
I guess rowing away to freedom is out of the option.
Murphy will often have to cross dangerous paths, so don't lose the balance.
She doesn't look too friendly... maybe she has a reason for that aside you just being an escape convict.
At certain points in the game you will be presented with a choice that may affect the story.
The foggy setting is telling you that Silent Hill town is not far.
Check you notebook for clues, objectives, maps and other documents.
There are more ways to unlock the door.
Even the sun in Silent Hill looks strange and unsettling.
Broken roads in Silent Hill will limit your movement and force you to choose more dangerous paths.
During rain in Silent Hill, monsters will be more offensive, so you might want to find the shelter until it stops before continuing exploring the neighborhood.
Maybe you can find some coins in the cash register to pick a song on a jukebox.
Some events will require you to act quickly, like finding a way to activate the sprinklers to put out the spreading fire.
Metamorphosis to a dark Silent Hill
The water is rising fast.
In dark Silent Hill you will be constantly chased by a black hole kind of entity, where gameplay is very similar to chase scenes in Shattered Dreams.
Watch out for the obstacles while sliding down.
Like in Shattered Dreams, you can look behind to see if and when someone is chasing you.
Use the light to scare off the monsters into the inner court area.
When you browse your inventory, the game does not pause so be quick if monsters are nearby.