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Sorcery (PlayStation 3)

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall MobyScore (2 votes) 4.1

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Digital Chumps
Sorcery only has the story mode, and there isn't a great deal of reason to go back unless you're Trophy hunting or are otherwise on a completionist quest. By the looks of it, there won't be any DLC, and if the ending is any indicator (it usually isn't) a sequel isn't likely. But for as fun as it is, and given how it compares to the rest of the Move library, Sorcery impresses. To the summary...
Gaming Age
So, in the end, I had a good time with Sorcery and was glad that The Workshop was able to put together a quality PlayStation Move fantasy action title. It has some really nice ideas, along with solid Move controls, and is worth looking into if you're in the market for some PS Move magic.
Ich muss sagen, dass ich Sorcery zu Beginn sehr skeptisch gegenüberstand. Ich habe bisher nur sehr wenige Move-Titel gesehen, die mich wirklich überzeugen konnten, weil entweder Grafik und Aufmachung oder die Steuerung hinkten. Sorcery macht hier vieles besser: Es ist grafisch schön gestaltet und spielerisch anspruchsvoll. Die Funktionen des Move-Controllers werden sinnvoll genutzt und nicht nur "weil es eben ein Move-Spiel ist". Da verzeiht man hin und wieder auftauchende Animationsruckler gern. Zudem ist die deutsche Synchronisation - wenn auch etwas kindlich aufgezogen - wirklich gut gelungen. Wer seine Systemsprache auf englisch stellt, bekommt aber auch die Originalstimmen zu hören.
Official UK PlayStation Magazine
Finn’s world is filled with hidden areas to explore, chests of unique items to find, potions to brew and bosses to fight. Adventurers both young and old will appreciate the frantic battles against a range of fairytale monsters in medieval villages and deep underground caverns. As if by magic, it seems that Move has finally found its happily ever after.
Se pelo menos houvesse um feitiço para prolongar a sua longevidade, Sorcery seria facilmente um título recomendado sem qualquer hesitação. Com uma campanha que dura cerca de 6 horas, e sem nenhum modo extra ou argumento para repetir a aventura, Sorcery será um opção difícil para aqueles dão primazia à longevidade. Mas não há qualquer hesitação quando digo que a espera valeu a pena. Sorcery é o melhor título para o PlayStation Move e qualidade não lhe falta.
PSX Extreme
Sorcery may or may not live up to expectations, depending on how lofty those expectations were. For my part, I’m happy with the result, although not ecstatic. On the one hand, this game really shows how the Move can be extremely entertaining, even if it doesn’t necessarily showcase its technological capability. There’s also the lovely presentation and style, which I adore, and the variety, accessibility, and pacing that really turned out great. On the other hand, it’s too short, the advanced spells don’t always work, and adults may find it a tad underwhelming.
Vandal Online
Como toque rolero e inspirado en cierta manera en sagas como Atelier, nuestro protagonista puede mejorar sus parámetros de manera permanente o temporal mediante la creación de pociones en un caldero de mago. Todas esas cajas y vasijas rompibles que vas encontrando en el escenario proporcionan oro y ocasionalmente ingredientes para ser mezclados con un minijuego en el que controlaremos los frascos que salpican especias, vierten líquidos o el cucharón que remueve el potingue. Además de ser bastante curioso, nos da libertad para experimentar, puesto que no sabemos que resultará de estas combinaciones, aunque siempre tendrán efectos interesantes, como ampliar la vitalidad o mejorar nuestro daño. Un mercader que encontraremos cada cierto tiempo en el viaje nos ofrecerá una tienda en la que comprar y vender objetos, así que no desperdicies esta oportunidad de comprar aquello que no hayas conseguido por el camino.
Sorcery isn’t the game that will bring the hardcore to the Move. It’s not the game that makes the Move indispensible. In fact, there’s little or nothing that couldn’t have just been mapped to a standard controller. But it’s a novel and polished experience that offers something fun for the younger player, while their gaming parents can at least appreciate it objectively. They may even end up finishing it, while no one is looking. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable experience.
"A magical romp for the young (and young at heart)"
Cheat Code Central
Sorcery is not everything one would wish for out of a Move title. However, this is a great title to experience both the Move and an action adventure title with magical elements. Suffice to say, this game might not get the respect it deserves, but it definitely deserves your attention if you have ever thought about how cool it would be to be a wizard. (And not long ago, I believe pretty much everyone was wishing they could be a wizard.) Sorcery at least gives you that chance, without making you go through several years of life-threatening wizarding school.
3D Juegos
Se nota que Sorcery es un producto elaborado con mucho mimo y atención por el detalle. Tal vez no sea ese juego imprescindible que justifique la compra de PlayStation Move, pero sí una aventura de acción que demuestra con cabeza el gran potencial que atesora este dispositivo de control por movimientos. A Sorcery le ha faltado algo más de ambición para llegar mucho más lejos, pero aun así es una compra totalmente recomendable para todos aquellos que quieran pasarlo bien con PS Move en las manos. Posiblemente el mejor juego para este dispositivo en la actualidad.
I liked Sorcery a lot, but the game doesn’t quite rise to the level that many of us expected with such a lengthy development period. The Workshop should be commended for creating one of the best PlayStation Move games, but I think most gamers will question why and how Sorcery took so long to create. With a short adventure, no replay value and no online functionality to speak of, Sorcery is a one-off. A fun one-off, for sure, but a one-off that likely won’t push PlayStation Move controllers off the shelves.
Na ongeveer zeven uur zul je de aftiteling van Sorcery voorgeschoteld krijgen en dan ben je er ook voorlopig klaar mee. Sorcery nodigt namelijk op geen enkele manier uit om het verhaal nog een keer te doorlopen. Door middel van een New Game+ was het misschien nog wel leuk geweest, maar nu blijft het een vrij korte ervaring. De goedwerkende Move-besturing maakt het daarentegen wel een memorabele ervaring. Het werkt allemaal gewoon heel goed op de auto-aim en slechte camerabesturing na die af en toe roet in het eten gooien. Daarnaast biedt Sorcery een leuk verhaal met gevarieerde omgevingen en een interessant toverdranken-systeem. Mensen die PlayStation Move hebben gekocht hebben met Sorcery eindelijk een game die de controller volop benut.
Impulse Gamer
In the end, Sorcery is an enjoyable game that can be played by both adults and children alike. Just be warned that the difficulty level is a little on the easier side and it should take most gamers around 8 or so hours to complete.
Pour une quarantaine d'euros, Sorcery offre une aventure à la durée de vie très convenable, portée par deux personnages attachants et encrée dans un univers très classique faisant pourtant son petit effet. Le PlayStation Move y est également employé de manière efficace, les possesseurs du périphérique de Sony ne devraient donc pas bouder leur plaisir, en s'offrant ce titre accessible et familial.
Wer neues Futter für seine PS Move Equipment sucht, ist mit Sorcery bestens beraten: die Bewegungsübertragung ist meistens sehr genau, das Spiel macht Spaß und ist auch mit viel Liebe gemacht. Allzu abwechslungsreich ist es durch den strikt linearen Aufbau und die unkreative Geschichte dahinter allerdings nicht. Zudem trüben gelegentliche Freezes und Clipping-Bugs den Gesamteindruck. Gamer, die sich gelegentlich vor dem Fernseher mal aktiv austoben wollen, werden mit “Sorcery” aber ihren Spaß haben.
Sorcery é uma boa demonstração do uso do Move, fora de um ambiente casual. Uma aventura que nos coloca na pele de um jovem feiticeiro, justificando o uso do periférico como uma varinha mágica. O jogo oferece confrontos intensos e puzzles interessantes.
Sorcery embraces the Move’s functionality to deliver something only possible with gesture-based controls, even if they’re still not quite optimal. It’s unfortunate that Sony couldn’t muster a more complete package with extra content and incentives to come back after completing the single player mode. As it stands, Sorcery conjures up just enough magic to bewitch those looking for a story-driven adventure, but its enchantment isn’t quite bewitching enough to make it a must-own experience.
70 (UK)
Such irritations matter less than you might expect. If anything, it's the Move controller rather than that clumsy apprentice or his mysterious cat that emerges as Sorcery's true star. If you're an eight-year-old kid, this short burst of adventure is going to offer you an afternoon or two of vivid fantasy with a wand in your hand and an arsenal of spells in your head, and your only major complaint will be that it doesn't last a few hours longer. If you're older, it won't have quite the same impact - but it's still going to provide a few colourful thrills.
Atomic Gamer
I went into Sorcery quite skeptical about this game that seemingly went into development limbo for a while, but now I'm glad it made it back out and onto store shelves. It's got decent motion controls that give you a unique handle on the action, and while the cartoonish nature and linear structure won't put this game anywhere near the likes of Skyrim (or even Fable) on the RPG halls of fame, PS Move owners have plenty of reasons to go ahead and give Sorcery a go.
Gamereactor (Denmark)
Så har man Move og er man marginalt interesseret i alt, hvad der indebærer trolderi og magi, bør man give Sorcery et skud. Ældre spillere vil højest sandsynligt finde spillet for lineært og let, men havde jeg været i starten af mine teenageår, så er Sorcery det tætteste man kan komme på selv at udleve fantasien om en dansk Harry Potter, og så havde jeg været helt solgt. Jeg glæder mig i hvert fald allerede til toeren, da der er plads til forbedringer, men indtil da skal der kastes nogle flere spells og brygges flere trylledrikke.
Push Square
PlayStation Move has struggled to find defining software that justifies its existence, but Sorcery represents the most ambitious attempt yet. Its seamless integration of natural motion controls makes it the best example of Move’s potential to date, and while the campaign lacks replay value, it’s still worth experiencing if you want to put Sony’s underutilised wand to use.
I långa stunder när jag spelar Sorcery tänkte jag inte ens på att jag spelar ett Move-spel – det bara kändes naturligt. En tanke som gnagde på mig då och då var dock om detta spelet inte borde ha släppts vid lanseringen av hårdvaran för att hjälpa Move på vägen. Kanske det, men faktum kvarstår. Sorcery är ett underhållande spel.
Das Kombinieren der Zauber macht ja Laune, aber es sind recht wenige und gerade in den ruhigen Phasen der Erkundung fehlen dem Abenteuer mehr clevere Rätsel sowie kreative Herausforderungen für den Einsatz der Magie. Stattdessen muss man in elender Monotonie aktiv Tränke zusammen schütteln, Schlösser wie ein Idiot über eine Vorwärtsbewegung öffnen, Hindernisse hinweg wischen oder hundertfach Kisten für Gold und Zutaten zertrümmern. Warum so viel banales Fuchteln? Denn sowohl über angeschnittene Blitze als auch mehrstufige Aufgaben wird teilweise angedeutet, was möglich gewesen wäre! Sorcery ist über sechs Stunden durchaus unterhaltsam, denn es wird liebevoll präsentiert und teilweise witzig erzählt. Aber hier ist letztlich zu viel simple Zerstörung, zu wenig kreativer Zauber drin.
Game Informer Magazine
I like Sorcery, but the Move controls hold it back. It could have been a fun action game with an engaging story and environmental puzzles (I use the term “puzzle” generously, as they are all incredibly simple). Instead, Sorcery prepares you to hang framed pictures in your house by making you pretend to hammer a wall for five or six hours.

Nonostante il lungo tempo di sviluppo, Sorcery non è il titolo definitivo per il Move che tutti si aspettavano. Il gioco fa un buon uso della periferica e non mancano senza dubbio interessanti e ben congegnate dinamiche di combattimento. Purtroppo la non troppo lunga, ripetitiva e lineare campagna, ma soprattutto la pessima e incomprensibile gestione della telecamera rovinano un'esperienza di gioco senza dubbio piacevole, ma anche senza particolari guizzi. A questo si aggiunge un comparto tecnico solo sufficiente, gravato anche da ricorrenti problemi di frame rate.
PlayStation Trophies
Featuring a decent little story and some diverting Move-waggling, Sorcery is best suited to young, less demanding gamers. It’s short, cheap and shallow, but also rather cheerful. A rental, perhaps.
Canadian Online Gamers Network
At the end of the day, Sorcery seems a game oriented towards a younger demographic as its E10+ rating suggests. Sadly, the combat mechanics do not match Sorcery’s good presentation values and most hardcore gamers will notice this; however, the younger target audience may be more willing to overlook this fact. At the end of the day, the older and more serious gamers looking for the killer app for Sony’s Move are going to have to wait a little longer, but for the rest of those people out there, especially the kids, this game should be fun for what it is, a colourful and magic filled (hey, you make spells) romp through a fantasy world.
For those desperate to use their Move controllers in something exclusively centered around the Move, Sorcery provides a few hours of inanity that can be gratifying, if in a slightly underwhelming way. Still, the game's chaotic camera and unwieldy controls can frustrate, not to mention the alarming tendency for the PS Move to need consistent recalibration. Had more been done with its most promising features, and had it dropped the arrogant insistence on using gestures for almost everything, Sorcery could have been the hybrid of old and new game design that Sony promised. Instead, we're left with a game that, for all its possibilities, simply lacks the imagination to step beyond the same old experiences we've had before, along with the same old problems.
E invece siamo di fronte a una caduta rovinosa per un gioco che avrebbe potuto rappresentare tantissimo per i motion controller, ma che invece ne certifica un'altra grande disfatta.
On paper Sorcery is a game that seems perfectly suited for the launch Playstation Move, not a game to come out for the platform two years after its release. Sorcery ends up being held back by a lack of creativity. It manages to use the Playstation Move pretty well but everything else is easily forgotten.
The best non-sports game so far for the PlayStation Move, but there still seems to be plenty of magic left untapped on what is an unnecessarily brief experience.
Vendu à prix raisonnable (moins de 40 euros), Sorcery est un bon petit jeu pour les enfants, aux jolies mélodies, aux beaux environnements et aux mécaniques de jeu rigolotes, enfin, dans un premier temps. Car si globalement le titre est convaincant, le PS Move souffre de quelques imprécisions (heureusement amoindries par une grande permissivité) et surtout, d'une grande répétitivité qui s'installe très rapidement dans le jeu. Il n'en demeure pas moins un jeu correct pour ressortir votre PS Move qui doit être maculé de poussière...
Playstation Universe
Overall, Sorcery is a bit of a disappointment. There’s some fun to be had out of running around an arena flicking the controller in various directions to send out sparks of magic, but the challenge really ends up being against the shifting camera angles and inconsistency of Move to translate your movements and gestures accurately. Consequently, despite the entertaining spell combos and potion-mixing fun, Sorcery’s highlight disappointingly turns out to be the storyline rather than the gameplay itself.
Und das war es dann auch schon mit Sorcery. Und es ist so tragisch. Eine gute Steuerung, die selbst mich als Move-Verächter praktisch vorbehaltlos überzeugen konnte und dann verendet sie weit unter Potenzial in einem viel zu eingeschränktem Spiel. Das "ist für Kids und deshalb simpel"-Argument lasse ich nicht gelten. Erst mal wollen Kinder - und sicher auch die zahlenden Eltern - ebenfalls mehr als vier bis fünf Stunden Spielzeit, zum anderen kapieren sie seltsame, hoch komplex wirkende Kartenspiele mit japanischen Zeichentrick-Monstern. Von ein paar mehr Spielmechaniken und Extra-Auslauf in einer freieren Welt wären sie sicher nicht überfordert worden. So bleibt am Ende ein wirklich charmanter, erfrischender Blick, auf eine Move-Welt, die sein könnte. Aber scheinbar aus Angst vor der eigene Primärzielgruppe bleibt sie freiwillig hinter den Möglichkeiten zurück und entlässt euch nach viel zu kurzer Zeit zwar ein wenig verzaubert, aber eben auch unbefriedigt.
Level 7
Sorcery är ett mysigt familjespel som gör mycket rätt. Miljöerna är spännande att vandra runt i och det finns en del detaljer att tappa hakan över. Dessutom fångade handlingen mig oväntat mycket, även om den följer klassiska ramar. Tyvärr sjunker spelupplevelsen som en sten när striderna drar igång. Det blir aldrig pannkaka av det hela, men det var gott om tillfällen då jag önskade att jag höll i en vanlig handkontroll. Samtidigt fungerar många rörelser bra och förbättrar faktiskt inlevelsen. Detta tillsammans med ett relativt lågt pris gör Sorcery till ett bra val för Move-ägande barnfamiljer. Likt alla andra rörelsebaserade spel finns problem, men i slutändan väger de positiva bitarna tyngst.
D+PAD Magazine
Thinking back to its E3 debut, Sorcery can’t help but feel like a missed opportunity. Had the first few hours of the game been sliced off, Finn’s spell-blending been given a more central billing and the game’s world opened up to provide the element of wonder that comes from being able to break away from the imposition of the linear, Sorcery could have been an adventure game of rare ambition. As it stands, it ably showcases the potential of motion controls and takes you on an enjoyable ride, but it’s a ride that ends all too soon and that doesn’t give you much reason to go around a second time.
PlayStation Lifestyle
This review comes off very negative, but Sorcery isn’t all that bad (especially not when it’s priced at $40). Its biggest problem isn’t with what’s in the game, it’s more about what isn’t. Negativity takes up more of this text because one can’t help but see the obvious traces of unused potential—so many areas that could have been turned into memorable experiences and so many golden opportunities for greatness don’t deliver as fully as they could have. It’s truly saddening. Sorcery is like baking a cake, but with only a teaspoon of sugar, one egg, a pinch of flour, and a tablespoon of baking powder; all of the ingredients are there, but there’s not enough of each ingredient to make the magical game that PlayStation Move owners have been looking for.
Sorcery does get better…eventually. More spells open up, and the ability to combine different elements together to create new attacks is fun. Elements you’ve collected can be combined in alchemy minigames to create new potions, which make for a surprisingly deep system, and the game’s various attempts at charm aren’t all unsuccessful. But it’s just not worth getting that far, frankly.
Sorcery's biggest flaw is that it focuses on the tiresome combat. Considering how strong the other elements are, it's disappointing that you spend the vast majority of the game frantically waggling just to stay alive. It's simply not fun to have your view blocked, your attacks interrupted, and your wrist ache as you try to squash an angry crowd of enemies. Sorcery fumbles its impressive potential by favoring mindless combat over the other enjoyable activities a boy wizard can take part in.