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Spider-Man 3 (Collector's Edition) (PlayStation 3)

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Da Gameboyz
With the power of the Sony's next-generation console in mind Spider-Man 3 on the PS3 had so much promise but the finished product felt....unfinished. Although it is not a bad game by any means the negatives found within it just can't be overlooked. Such things as the varying quality of graphics, the broken gameplay and a poor execution of mixing the modern day movie with past comic book and animated series makes for a game that just didn't live up to its' overall potential.
Video Game Talk
The basic mechanics of Spider-Man 3 are good enough that fans of the character, and especially fans of the last game, should give this one a try. However, poor camera controls, obnoxious mini-games that prevent forward progress, and some really horrible character models mar what could have been an excellent game. Also, the Collector's Edition that costs $10 more offers nothing of value for the extra money outside of what is available on the regular edition. For this particular version, the most I can say is that you should Rent It.
If you're desperate for a Spider-Man game, this one fills your need for webs, but other than nailing what web-swinging should feel like, this game is a bust. We were promised a Spidey experience that was next-gen and expanded on everything Spider-Man 2 did right, but we were given a buggy game that's just Spider-Man 2: Special Edition. Combat is brainless button-mashing, the bosses are frustrating and cheap, the visuals aren't worthy of your PS3, and although the random crimes aren't the same events over and over, they definitely reuse the same ideas.