Super Stardust HD: Complete Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
How to play in easy icon format
Fly around the planet, shooting any incoming asteroids.
Picking up a shield will protect you from getting killed instantly.
After you've destroyed enough asteroids, enemy waves appear for you to defeat.
After you complete a phase, your score is tallied up.
Asteroids with hexagon outlines are bonuses - shoot them all... receive a huge green asteroid packed with power-ups!
These centipede-like enemies grow bigger as you hit them until they explode.
The Gold Melter is a huge laser that can be spread across.
Each weapon type is handy against a particular asteroid type - the Rock Crusher smashes rocks quickly.
The final phase features a boss - shoot this one in his blue rockets...
...and they will explode!
When the UFO retracts his rockets, he rapid-fires purple bullets across the planet.
Onto the next world - this one features gold asteroids, so use the Gold Melter.
These tiny crystals will start to chase you.
In Survival, you'll need to last while dodging invincible Probes.
This doesn't look so tough...
In Bomber mode, you can only use your limited supply of bombs to kill enemies.
Enemies spawn in and hunt you to make things tricky.
Time your explosions so that you kill the most enemies and objects possible.
Endless mode throws pretty much everything but the kitchen sink at you!
Nukes like these can be a real life-saver in Endless.
These red triangles swarm and chase you quickly.
The nuke destroys all the objects on the entire planet, just like in real life!
The spinning UFOs here attack in formation.
These blue crystals have covered the entire planet...RUN!