Syndicate Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Start screen.
Main menu.
Getting out of shackles in the start of the game with uncomplicated quick time event.
Chip bypassing is one of the core game mechanics, which player will use often.
Various "propaganda" sources are scattered across the game. They serve as a collectable source of game's world information.
Everything you read gets stored in the infobank. It could be accessed anytime.
Narrow alley shootout.
Dart overlay highlights interactive objects, enemies and makes your shot more deadly.
On the mission with your partner.
Guards are no match for us.
Listening in on the interrogation.
Fighting your way through the labs.
Can't shoot through the glass.
On your way to the train station.
Some weapons can lock onto targets.
Welcome to Eurocorp.
Taking a little stroll with your boss.
There's a price to pay for your inhuman skills.
Holding onto the outer plate of the aircraft is one way of reaching the city undetected.
You can extract chips from certain key characters and use them to enhance your abilities.
Lots of graffiti in this part of town.
Sneaking through the ventilation shaft.
Trying to sneak your way past the enemy guards.
Aim down your scope for better precision.
Whatever happened to these soldiers?
They seem persistent in trying to keep me out.
Some enemies are immune to regular weapons.