XCOM: Enemy Unknown Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Endgame main title.
Main menu.
Aliens aren't too far away from their pods.
Moving withing the blue border will leave you enough points for shooting.
When aliens spot you, they will scatter and look for cover.
Depending from your distance, weapon you carry and character's status, the chance of hitting an alien will vary.
It is a good strategy to flank the enemy.
Returning to base after a successful mission.
Resources recovered after a mission.
Council will contact you about some missions from time to time.
Snipers can take shots from greater distance with high precision.
Laser technology is not alien tech, but is better than standard military weapons, at least again lesser foes.
Alien down.
Thin Man is human-like alien, but only on the outside.
Some aliens are biologically mechanical hybrids.
You can zoom out the battlefield to see more of the map.
Firing bazooka at the multiple opponents.
Bazooka's missile impact sent enemies flying in flame.
When Thin Man alien dies it leaves a toxic cloud behind.
Boarding the crashed alien ship.
Aliens will fire at you during their turn.
Inside alien base on Earth.
Shootout in the subway.
The more you destroy alien ship, the less alien resources you will find intact.
Tougher enemies can survive direct hit from a bazooka.
Your soldiers will attack aliens during their turn if you leave them in watch mode.
Once you research alien plasma weapons, you'll be able to use them during missions.
XCOM base.
The barracks.
Situation room.
You can sell alien corpses and alien tech on gray market.
Research projects.
Research report on plasma rifle.
Building weapons and armor requires money and occasionally alien resources.
Expanding your base.
Scanning for alien activity advances time.
Scrambling interceptors at alien ship.
Dogfight with an alien ship.
Fight in the city.
Selecting the team for the mission.
The away team is landing in the base hangar
Advancing through the forest
Aliens are dispersing after spotting you
A rather low chance of hitting the target
Rocket launcher damage radius will damage or kill all three aliens
Facing one of the alien commanders
Alien base has lots of places to use for cover
Alien floater destroyed
Fighter craft built based on alien technology
You will need a psi-ops operative for the final strike against the alien invaders