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Zombie Apocalypse (PlayStation 3)

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Zombie Apocalypse Credits

Nihilistic Software, Inc.

DirectorsRobert Huebner, Yujin Kiem, Jon Knoles, Leo Martinez, Brandon Moro, Martha Richter Smith
ProducersStella Balmoria, Steve Hutchins
Productions ManagersAnthony Chiang, Jesse Kuroki (Thurman)
Programming LeadsYves Borckmans, Mark Cooke, Benjamin Goldstein, Vic Keenan
Programming TeamLee Adams, Jason Chang, Dave W. Cross, David Farrell, Guy Godin, Rodney Huff, Avery Lodato, Michael D. Ludlam, Steve Mariotti, Paul Melamed, John Nelson Rose, Matthew Russell
Design LeadsTim Miller, Jon Slavin
Design TeamGary R. Boodhoo, Nathan T. Cox, Marion Dreo, David Gardner, Brandon G. Hutt, Peter Mayberry, Matthew McManus, Patrick Smith, Jamie Uhrmacher
Art LeadsShao Wen Lim, Mike Parsons, Jasmine Sarmiento, Michael Teperson
Art TeamBrent Adams, Jonathan Curiel, Shawn Foreman, Ronald Kee, Ahed Khatib, Maarten Kraaijvanger, DongJoon Lee, Chris Ocampo, Hyoung Taek Nam, Carson Utz
Animation LeadsLee Greenwood, Tyler Thornock
Animation TeamNestor Angeles Jr., Michael Bates, Myung Lee (Mark), Jon Robins, Adrian Sairin, Michael Shahan, Jeremiah Stewart
QA LeadEdward Chennault
Nihilistic OperationsJeffrey M. Beck, Shannon Greene, Lilly Karlton

XPEC Entertainment, Inc.

Art DirectorWilson Lin
Art LeadsJing Wang, Huali Song, Yiwei Zhu
Project ManagerVanessa Tung
Art TeamJian Chen, Xin Han, Zhang Dandan, Wang Meng, Rujing Gao, Giang Li, Zijun Shi, Chaochao Dong, Na Liu, Wen Zhang, Peng Jiang, Yuhong Xiao, Yu Zhao, Hu Li, Guang Ma
Business DevelopmentWonder Lin, Nick Lee

Will Loconto Music and Sound

MusicWill Loconto
Sound DesignRandy Buck, Jason Cobb, Marc Schaefgen
PlayersJose Brown (Harlan Woods), Scotty Chance (Jimmy86), Tracey Rochelle Hayes (Nathalie Flores), Robert Fisher (Ed Fragsen)
ZombiesRobert Fisher, Dave Glassco, Tracey Rochelle Hayes, Jenny Larson, Marc Schaefgen, Matt Schultz, Shawn Sides

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Chairman and CEOKazumi Kitaue
Executive Vice President, GamesoftShinji Hirano
VP of ProductionBrian F. Christian
Executive ProducerJeremy Airey
Associate ProducerMichael Nehme
ProducerRyan Kaminaga
Product SupportKenji Yamamoto
QA LeadMichael Greening
QA Project LeadSteven Douglas Allstead Jr.
TestersYardan Cohen, Ryan McCullough, Richard Olguin, Childdan Oun, Sok Phuy, Danny Ramos, Jacob Trocino, Todd Williams, Kevin Yomchinda
QA Compliance LeadsPaul Diaz, Eric Y. Kwan
Production CoordinatorDonna Weakley
Vice President, Licensing and Business DevelopmentCareen Yapp
Associate Director, Business DevelopmentYoshinori Aoyagi
Vice President of MarketingAnthony Crouts
Director of MarketingDavid Daniels
Marketing SpecialistGrant Matson
Senior Public Relations ManagerBrandon Cox
Text LocalizationTechnicolor

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