Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The power of telekinesis will help me to cross the broken bridge
Remote View lets you leave your body and see through doors
With Mind Control, I can possess the mind of that worker (Just like in Oddworld and Messiah)
With Aura View you can see hidden traps and creatures and traces from the past
The machines on the right can be used as traps
Sometimes you have to use stealth

Xbox version

Title screen.
Each mission has multiple objectives, and maybe some tips.
You, Nick. You're hooked up to a memory wiping machine.
I guess we'll find out who these two men are later on.
You begin the game just outside your cell, having been freed by a mysterious woman.
Making an enemy hover using telekinesis.
Enemies rarely die the same way, and you can use telekinesis to throw around their bodies.
You can lift crates to create steps, clear a passage, or to throw against enemies.
My first objective: disabling the generators.
Whenever you gain a new Psi ability, you're taken back to when you trained in a flashback to learn about the ability.
"Remote Viewing" allows you to move around in an out of body experience to see what lies ahead. You can also go through doors.
The first boss, who hides on a balcony while controlling an endless amount of soldiers with his Mind Control power.
At the end of each area, you get an overview of your stats, as well as what you unlocked.
Two guard towers with a total of four searchlights. This is going to be fun.
A warehouse... wonder if I can use that crane to my advantage?
Corporate offices... always much nicer than everywhere else.
The docks. Better avoid the water, because for some reason, this seasoned military operative can't swim.
This guy looks pissed... wouldn't want to cross his path.