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Ace Combat X on PSP matches up favorably against a majority of other PSP titles. Instead of simply porting over one of their best-selling PS2 titles, NamcoBandai took a couple extra steps to move the series forward as it made it portable. With only the small misstep in the customizable planes department, Skies of Deception could very well be seen as one of the best titles in the series.
IGN (Oct 20, 2006)
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception makes a spectacular landing on the PSP. It has everything longtime fans of the series could possibly want, along with a few extras they're probably not expecting. Deception also looks great and runs well, offering a near identical experience as what's on the PS2. On top of that, it does a good job of offering narrative incentives, so the campaign never feels like a string of soulless missions. A robust and thoroughly engrossing multiplayer component rounds out the package. Equally recommended to seasoned aces as well as newcomers.
85 (Jul 16, 2007)
Ace Combat on ehtinyt hioutua sarjan kuluessa varsin varmaotteiseksi räiskintäpeliksi, ja osa X : The Skies of Deception tuskin jättää ketään moisten ystävää kylmäksi. Se tarjoaa vähintäänkin sopivasti haastetta moneksi illaksi, eikä maisemissakaan ole moittimista. Kun vielä mietitään, mikä on PSP:n lentokonepelien tilanne, on markkinoilla olemassa todellakin Ace Combatin mentävä rakonen. Arvostelijan ominaisuudessa suorastaan toivon, että sarjan seuraava osa ilmestyisi uuden sukupolven konsolille (toim.huom. näinhän kävikin), sillä pelillisen sisällön suhteen sarjassa ei ole tapahtunut isompia muutoksia sitten vuoden 1995, jolloin sarja näki päivänvalon. Toki tämä passaa meikäläiselle niin pitkään, kun homma toimii fanienkin mielestä. Teknisesti ottaen samasta pelistä alkaa kolmannella kerralla olemaan vain hieman hankala keksiä enää mitään uutta sanottavaa.
HardGamers (Nov 20, 2006)
Somme toute, Ace Combat X : Skies of Deception a su attirer le jeune gamin rêvant d’être pilote qui sommeillait en moi. Bien que la conduite d’aéronefs puisse sembler compliquée, la prise en main se fait tellement aisément que vous ne pourrez plus vous arrêter d’y jouer. Un mode en ligne aurait néanmoins offert une expérience extraordinaire. Dans le onzième édition peut-être…
Imperium Gier (Nov 30, 2006)
Rozpoczynając zabawę z Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, swoje nastawienie określiłbym jako dość sceptyczne. Miałem wrażenie, że będę musiał katować się kolejnym odgrzewanym kotletem. Jakże miłe było moje zaskoczenie, gdy z misji na misję coraz bardziej wciągałem się w podniebne walki. Zadania są bardzo różnorodne, a dodając do tego możliwość wpływania na przebieg gry, ogromny wybór samolotów, modyfikacji i broni, otrzymamy bogatą produkcję, która powinna przyciągnąć nie tylko fanów serii, ale również osoby będące świeżo w temacie. Tak dobrych gier potrzeba jak najwięcej na PSP. Jeśli lubisz szybką walkę, potężne odrzutowce i masz konsolkę Sony na półce, bez wahania możesz sięgać po Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception - na pewno się nie zawiedziesz.
83 (Nov 06, 2006)
Jap auf einen Ace Combat Titel für die PSP hab ich schon lang gewartet und zum Glück ist Ace Combat X ein Wahnsinns Game! Dank der tadellosen Steuerung sind Luftkämpfe leicht zu bewältigen und so entpuppt sich die PSP als gnadenlose Actionmaschine. Das freie Missionsdesign sowie der Multiplayermodus machen Ace Combat X zu einer richtigen Handheld Perle, die man stets bei sich haben sollte. Neben dem fantastischen Gameplay ist das Spiel auch technisch sehr solide! Die Grafik ist unglaublich gut und der Sound passt zu jeder Mission. Wer das Ace Combat Universum liebt, wird Ace Combat X vergöttern. Allen anderen PSP Besitzern rate ich ein Probespiel!
Impressive enough to sit beside the earlier PS2 games in the Ace Combat series, Skies of Deception gives players the same thrilling air dogfights that they’ve come to expect, but on a much smaller screen. I’d challenge anyone to find very much to complain about in the visuals or even in the wider production values of front-end menus, sound effects, and voice-acting. I was a little disappointed not to see a greater focus on teamwork with your AI companions, a feature I’ve really enjoyed in the recent PS2 entries. Otherwise, the missions find the right balance between challenge and ease of play. Having battles against enemies like giant flying fortresses offers enough fantasy to balance the realistic military vibe. There’s even some ad hoc multiplayer, if that’s your thing. This is the first entry in this genre for the PSP, and I’m happy to say that a pretty high bar has been set.
GameSpot (Oct 23, 2006)
The Ace Combat series has earned a reputation for delivering fast-paced and exciting flight combat, and this absolutely holds true of Ace Combat X for the PSP. While this installment is unmistakably similar to its PS2 counterparts in many ways, it features some meaningful additions to the formula and its own intricate storyline, as well as a surprisingly large number of different aircraft to be flown. Ace Combat fans shouldn't miss this one for all of these reasons, but really, Ace Combat X is a great game for just about anyone with an appreciation for jets.
80 (Dec 16, 2006)
Zuerst Pilot Academy, jetzt Ace Combat X - die PSP gewinnt langsam die Lufthoheit! Und netterweise ist X keine einfache Konvertierung eines PS2-Ace Combats, sondern ein eigenständiges Produkt, das nicht nur alle Vorteile seiner Vorbilder aufweist, sondern auch die PSP verdammt gut ausnutzt. Okay, die Story an sich ist eher C-Movie, aber das war sie bei Wing/Strike Commander im Grunde auch - die Art, wie sie präsentiert wird, ist einfach packend! Und dann natürlich noch die Grafik, die ihresgleichen sucht und verdammt flüssig läuft - hach! Leider ist nicht alles so traumhaft, besonders die Steuerung braucht einige Eingewöhnung, Standardmanöver wie enge Kurven sind damit, normalgroße und -gliedrige Hände vorausgesetzt, nicht machbar - man gewöhnt sich daran, aber nur schwer. Und die tumben Gegner haben den einzigen Vorteil in der Masse, nicht mal ansatzweise in der Klasse. Trotzdem: Ein cooler Arcade-Flieger, der in schöner Origin-Tradition der PSP Flügel verleiht!
Lawrence (Oct 29, 2006)
I'm a fan of the series, but I think something needs to be updated in the Ace Combat universe. Outside of some minor upgrades, the core gameplay hasn't changed significantly since Ace Combat 2 on the PSX. Skies of Deception is a very fun game, but longtime fans of the series might get that "been there, done that" feeling.
Was Flugsimulationen angeht, gibt es auf der PlayStation Portable nicht unbedingt die grösste Auswahl. Mit Ace Combat X - Skies of Deception bekommen Hobbypiloten nun endlich ein hochkarätiges Spiel geboten, das nicht nur Fans begeistern kann. Generell ist der Titel für alle Spieler geeignet, die sich ein wenig für Flugsimulationen oder Luftkampf interessieren. Gerade Veteranen der PS2-Versionen sollten unbedingt einen Blick riskieren, denn anstatt eine simple Portierung abzuliefern, wurde das Spiel in einem komplett neuen Universum mit einer gänzlich eigenständigen Geschichte angesiedelt. Wer nach einer spannenden und actiongeladenen Flugsimulation sucht, wird mit Skies of Deception definitiv glücklich.
UOL Jogos (Nov 10, 2006)
Como fez em "Tekken: Dark Resurrection", a Namco adaptou brilhantemente uma franquia clássica. "Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception" não deve quase nada para seus "irmãos maiores". É verdade que os controles ficaram um pouco mais limitados, mas o título compensa com uma modalidade exclusiva: o multiplayer, que acrescenta muito na experiência e durabilidade do título. Mais uma vez, "Ace Combat" provou que voa sozinho nos céus do PlayStation.
GameSpy (Oct 30, 2006)
This latest entry in the Ace Combat series really manages to hold its own, despite the hardware. It's fun, it looks good, it has a solid set of multiplayer options, while also bringing some new features to the series. Though the series has been getting stale, Ace Combat X does a great job of reminding us of what it can be. If we can see this sort of improvement for the console versions, we'll be happy campers.
PSX Extreme (Nov 27, 2006)
The final word is that I'm quite pleased with this package, overall. It's Ace Combat, after all and it's in the palm of my hands. It's a well done port that runs superbly well on Sony's little unit. Visually it resembles Ace Combat 4, with gameplay elements we've come to love and expect from this terrific franchise. There is, however, room for improvements. For one, the multiplayer aspect needs to be overhauled; ad-hoc just won't cut it in a game this intense and neither will four players. Ace Combat is the ideal candidate for a fantastic online component with a maximum of 16 players. We've gotten Socom and a plethora of other games, but we've yet to fill the void of an air-combat title online for the PSP.
Netjak (Oct 24, 2006)
Looks like Namco Bandai might fast be becoming Sony's Bestest Third Party Buddy in the Whole Wide World. While other software titles languish, Ace Combat X soars. The splendid level design, and the attention to action make this worth playing, and if you're into the local multiplayer, it makes it worth buying. I'd really like to see the changes that Namco made for the better in Ace Combat X implemented into a full console version of the game really soon.
75 (Nov 20, 2006)
Si on l'avait vu arriver de loin, Ace Combat : Skies Of Deception a le don d'étonner grâce à un gameplay exploitant parfaitement les possibilités de la PSP et une immersion incomparable une fois qu'on a franchi la barrière de nuages. On pourra bien lui reprocher un scénario un peu moins dense que d'habitude ou quelques soucis de jouabilité mais c'est suffisamment insignifiant pour que vous passiez outre ces écueils.
TTGamer (Jan 15, 2007)
Ace Combat: Skies of Deception is an ok PSP game, it’s just a shame it also happens to be one of the few flight games found on the PSP, so while it is only moderately impressive, you’re probably not going to do much better if you want airborne action on the go Sony style.
60 (Nov 14, 2006)
It's hard not to be cynical and biased when an old series arrives on a new(ish) format and then proceeds to play almost exactly the same as it did five years ago. The gameplay is solid enough, but it just seems to be lacking effort, failing to make best use of the PSP hardware (multiplayer dogfights, but no online support) and not taking the series forward creatively. Ace Combat X is certainly a decent enough flight sim, and well worth a look if you're a fan of previous titles, but it's just an average addition to a long running series.
50 (UK) (Nov 06, 2006)
So sure, it's one of the best combat flight sims on the PSP. But that's only because there aren't really any others. As a game in its own right, and if you compare it to combat flight sims on other platforms, it simply doesn't really ever get off the ground.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 29, 2012)
There's nothing extraordinary about Ace Combat X, but this is a competent jet shooter for your PSP.