Activision Hits Remixed Credits (PSP)

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Activision Hits Remixed Credits

Digital Eclipse

EngineeringPorter Won Jun Bae, Colin Fletcher, Ryan Thom
Technical DirectorGeorge Phillips
Emulation ProgrammerJeff Vavasour
ArtBoyd Burggrabe
Art DirectorRyan Slemko
ProductionPaige Meekison
Senior ProducerIvan Allan
Studio HeadJoe Bonar
Speical ThanksMark Pearce, Eric Ronay, Peter Phillips

Published by Activision

ProductionJames Johnson, Kelly Byrd
Executive ProducerMichael Ward
VP, Family Entertainment StudiosGiancarlo A. Mori

Quality Assurance/Customer Support

Leads, QA FunctionalityJeremy Richards, Scott Kiefer
Sr. Leads, QA FunctionalityBrad Saavedra, Paul Colbert, Jason Potter
Manager, QA FunctionalityMatthew McClure
Sr. Mangager, QA Compliance & Code Release GroupMarilena Morini
Sr. Lead, QA Compliance & Code Release GroupGlenn Vistante
Lead, ComplianceRandolph L. S. d'Amore
Sr. Manager, Technical Requirements GroupChristopher D. Wilson
Sr. Lead, Technical Requirements GroupAaron Camacho
Lead, Technical Requirements GroupSasan Helmi
Sr. Lead, Network Multiplayer LabChris Keim Sr.
Lead, Multiplayer LabGarrett Akira Oshiro

QA Test Team

Floor LeadsElías Jiménez III, Giancarlo Contreras
QA TestersIan Bouchillon, Jonathan Conyers, Andrew E. Jones, Loren Kinsella, Sean Sullivan, Oscar Bojorquez, Jarrod Catlett, Daniel Alfaro, Geoff Mason, Lemuel L. Castro, Jonny Roque
Multiplayer Lab TestersCharles Barkhorn, Leonard Rodriguez, Bay Grabowski, Rashad Lewis
Technical Requirements TestersZac Blitz, Todd Sutton, Bryant Hunter, Eric Stanzione
Compliance TestersT'Challa Dion Jackson, Dee Kevin Gibson, Travellyan Littlefield
Customer Support ManagersGary Bolduc (Phone Support), Michael Hill (Email Support)

Marketing and PR

Global Brand ManagersJennifer Daniels, Michael Chiang
Associate Brand Manager InternRyan Ahearn
NA VP of Brand ManagementKimberly Salzer
Sr. Manager, Corporate CommunicationsLisa Fields
Sr. PublicistAaron Grant
Jr. PublicistLindsay Morio
Manual LayoutIgnited Minds LLC
Packaging DesignHamagami/Carroll Inc
LocalizationsSimon Dawes, Barry Kehoe, Stephanie O'Malley Deming
Activision Special ThanksMichael J. Griffith, Robin Kaminsky, Brian Ward, Steve Pearce, Will Kassoy, David Pokress, Cindy Liu, Barking Lizards, Shelby Yatees
An Incredibly Huge Thanks ToDavid Lubar, Larry Kaplan, Daniel James Kitchen, Mike Lorenzen, Rex E. Bradford, Alan Miller, Garry Kitchen, Tom Sloper, Michael Buetepage, David Crane, Jim Levy, Jan Marsella, Bruce Davis, Matthew Hubbard, Larry Miller, Jessica Stevens, Charlie Heath, Tom Lopez, Jim McGinnis, Dave Lamkins, James Charne, Mike Brodie, Robert A. Whitehead, Steve Cartwright, David Rolfe, Larry Zwick, Carol Shaw, Mike Reidel, Ken Anderson, Bob Polaro, Action Graphics, Members of the East Coast Design Center, The Boston Design Center, The Pasadena Design Center, and to the rest of the original Activision family...


"We're Not Gonna Take It"Dee Snider (Writer), Courtesy of Snidest Music Co., Administered by Zomba Melodies Inc., (SESAC) (p) 1984 Atlantic Recording Corp., Produced under license from Atlantic Recording Corp., By Arrangement with Warner Special Products, Performed by Twisted Sister
"We're Not Gonna Take It" Performed by Twisted Sister
"It's My Life"Performed by Talk Talk, Tin Friese Greene (Writer), Michael Hollis (Writer), Published by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd., Administered by Zomba Entertprises Inc. [ASCAP], (p) 1984 EMI Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Mexican Radio"Performed by Wall of Voodoo, Chas T. Gray (Writer), Marc Moreland (Writer), Stannard Ridgway (Writer), Joe Nanini (Writer), Published by Illegal Songs Inc./Big Talk Music [BMI], (p) 1982 IRS Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Tainted Love"Performed by Soft Cell, Edward Cobb (Writer), Published by Embassy Music Corp., (BMI) (Administered by Music Sales Corp.), (p) 1981 Mercury Records Limited, Courtesy of Mercury Records, Limited Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"Walking in L.A."Performed by Missing Persons, Terry Bozzio (Writer), Published by Private Life Music [ASCAP], (p) 1982 Capital Records, Courtesy of Capital Records, Under License from EMI Film & TV Music
"The Tide is High"Performed by Blondie, John Holt, Tyrone Evans (Writer), Howard Barrett (Writer), (BMI) (Administered by Music Sales Corp.), (p) 1982 Chrysalis Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
"Always Something There to Remind Me"Performed by Naked Eyes, Burt Bacharach (Writer), Hal David (Writer), Published by New Hidden Valley Music [ASCAP], (Administered by WB Music Corp.) [ASCAP] & Casa David [ASCAP], (p) 1983 EMI Records, Courtesy of EMI Film & TV Music
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"Take On Me"Performed by A‑Ha, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (Writer), Magne Furuholmen (Writer), Morten Harket (Writer), Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK Ltd., (Administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC [BMI]), (p) 1985 Warner Bros. Records Inc., Produced Under License from Warner Bros. Records Inc., By Arrangement with Warner Special Products
"Harden My Heart"Performed by Quarterfish, Marvin Ross (Writer), Published by Bonnie Bee Good Music & Narrow Music Dude [ASCAP], Administered by WB Music Corp. [ASCAP], (p) 1981 Geffen Records, Courtesy of Geffen Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"No More Words"Performed by Berlin, John Crawford (Writer), Published Universal-Geffen Again Music [BMI], (p) 1984 Geffen Records, Courtesy of Geffen Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
"Safety Dance"Performed by Men Without Hats, Ivan Doroschuk (Writer), Published by Songs of Universal [BMI], (p) 1983 MCA Records, Courtesy of Marc Durand and MCA Records, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

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