Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Introduction cut-scene: a hunter spots the crashing ship.
Using the zoomed-in view in a skirmish mission
One of the three available vision modes
The overview map of a mission
Double crash site: the ship and this guy here
Stealth mode in the Predator ship
"-Sorry mate your visa's expired. Bugger off!" "-Make me!"
The very atmospheric Predator ship remains need to be destroyed
Going stealth in public. Pretty good effect for the PSP
"-Private, the surface normals on your rifle are inside out! Haha made you look"
Private is being very strict with the pole here. Been scrutinizing it all night
Sometimes there's aliens inside the church...
Sometimes there's aliens outside the church...
There's an almost clumsy quick-time event when the aliens jump on you -- press X to defend
The tunnels go deeper
The alien stopped to drink some fresh water
Duel in the sewers (alien view)
"You are one ugly m******"
The beautiful people
Bullying my friendly neighbourhood aliens
LOL I iz outsid3 y0ur wind0wz
That was one killer souffle
Unfortunately this game doesn't have any funny moment involving that jukebox
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is how the Predator climbs a ladder
That's a huge tail, the alien may be related to the snow leopard then
Rather rarely they climb walls and ceilings
Charging my dual shoulder cannon
Scary huge tree and roots up here
Yeah, Hollywood style, baby!
There is no cow level
Going into the sewers
Colourful sewers, ain't it
The alien is late for classes again... His parents will hear of this
I always knew there's something wrong about going to high-school
Mr. Janitor explaining this amazing piece of technology to the interested cheerleader
The best moments in the game: splitting aliens in half with the disc