Archer Maclean's Mercury Credits


Original ConceptArcher Maclean
R&DJeb Mayers, Mark Webster
Head of R&DJeb Mayers
Head CoderEd Bradley
ProgrammersAde Smith, Fred O'Rourke, Richard Turnbull, Ste Butcher, Mark Webster, Kieren Bloomfield, Morris Butler, Gordon Hayes, Steve C. Jones, Gareth Thomas
Head ArtistDrew Northcott
Lead ArtistBela Lund
ArtistsChris Sharpley, Dan McCaul, Nina Simeone, John Moss, Hev Wicks, Richard Hancock, Norm Chung, Mark Antony, Antonio Flores
Tools LeadFred O'Rourke
ToolsDavid Spencer, Mark Webster, Morris Butler, Ade Smith
ProducerRob Palfreman
ProductionGraeme Monk
Audio CodingGordon Hayes, Jeb Mayers, Ade Smith
MusicJohn Hancock
SFXJohn Hancock
DesignArcher Maclean, Neil Wigfield, Richard Hancock
TestingDavid Newson, Steve Chimes, Mike Watt
Hardware SupportMike Watt
Special ThanksDavid Spencer, Nathan Lance, Tom Davies, Badgers, Bev Souter, Linda Maizie, Darren Vine, Nick Williams, Michael Northcott, Tim Northcott, Hannah Northcott, The Reindeer, John and Linda, Nick and Sarah, Rod and Helen, PJ and Helsey, The Flying Baguette, Otto
Female Support CrewSylvie, Liz, Magali, Wendy, Justine, Anne‑Marie, Matilda, Sue, Joanne, Kate, Heather, Emma
Special Thanks ToShino Gratz, Elise Gratz, Ignition Entertainment Ltd. UK, Vijay Chadha, Greg Baverstock, Jim Philpot, Peter Rollinson, Danny Bailey, Richard Cooke, Ismail Essack, Manoj Kumar, Simon Insull, Phu Tien, Joy Sreeraman
Ignition Entertainment Ltd. JapanKaz Takeshita

Ignition Entertainment Team

Managing DirectorVijay Chadha
Marketing DirectorGreg Baverstock
Development ManagerJim Philpot
Packaging LayoutKelly-ann Styles
ManualsKelly-ann Styles
Product ManagerPeter Rollinson
I.T. ManagerDanny Bailey
FinanceRichard Cooke, Ismail Essack
European Product ManagerManoj Kumar
UK SalesSimon Insull
International Sales ManagerPhu Tien
Operations ManagerJoy Sreeraman
With special thanksDavs Sreeraman, Layla Sreeraman, Karina Sreeraman, Corine, Manisha, Keair, Ramon, Robert Philpot, Deb Philpot, Candy Philpot, Ajay Chadha, Fynlay Chadha, Nicky Rollinson, Ellie Rollinson, Bethany Rollinson, Bailey Rollinson, Gunner Styles, Brandi Styles, Daniel Carter, Amy Tien, Jack Gooby, Parul Kumar, Simon Cooke, Andrew Cooke, The girls, All our mums and dad who without them this game would never have been possible

Ignition Entertainment USA

Ignition Entertainment Ltd. President (USA)Ellen Fuog
Director of Product DevelopmentKen Gratz
Product ManagerMichael Horajda
Black Sheep Inc. Owner/PresidentJeff Hill

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Credits for this game were contributed by karttu (4735), JPaterson (9555) and formercontrib (159766)