Bomberman: Bakufū Sentai Bombermen Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Aeriel view of the first stage
...and GO!
At this stage of the game, this boss is impossible to beat.
"Oh no! You've been transformed and trapped in another world! You must regain your lost power. Go! Bombermen!"
At first, only classic is available.
What's your favorite color?
Classic mode is, quite literally, the classic Bomberman only in 3D.
There are several different themed stages.
Blasting some enemies in the desert.
There's the exit!
Careful on this stage...the igloos can hide bombs and enemies!
The classic stages are extremely bright and colorful, but we're still blowing up small creatures with bombs...
Line bomb!
Now! Show me your true power!!
Clearing a character's classic stages opens up their arrange mode.
Arrange mode is far more dangerous.
These things will spin around unexpectedly.
Game over yeah!
Challenge mode menu
The challenge mode gives you a choice of powerup sets, then gives you three minutes to try for a high score.
There are some...strange characters in this game.
You can check your status at any time.