Call of Duty: Roads to Victory Credits (PSP)

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Call of Duty: Roads to Victory Credits

Amaze Entertainment

Executive ProducersDaniel Elenbaas, David Mann
Executive Studio DirectorMichael Waite
ProducerAlex Pantelias
Lead DesignerChris Brockett
DesignEric D. Gingrich
WritingEric D. Gingrich
Art DirectorJason Piel
Engineering DirectorChris Phillips
Development ManagerSteve Reddoch
Lead Environment ArtistForrest Keyes
Environment ArtistsLes Betterly, Mark Brown, Zhi Min Chen, Marcus Howell, Nathan Kaylor, Bryan Koszoru, Curtis Salsman, Rob Shoff, Kham Udom
Character Modeling & AnimationTadd Foote, Marcus Howell, Matt Ontiveros, Aaron Sutherland
EffectsJay Barber, Justin Foote
Lead EngineerBob Scott
EngineeringCJ Clark, David Cameron Galloway, Darryl Mlinar, Jonathan Perrins (Sto), Jack Song, Derek Taylor
Cinematics ProducerRon Perry
CinematicsTadd Foote
Level ScriptingLawrence Brown, Aaron Chard, Adam Chard, Brandii R. Grace, David Gunderman, James Youngman
Sound & Music ManagerMark Yeend
Sound Design & Audio EngineeringDrew Cady, Ian Rodia
Original MusicNoel Gabriel
Testing LeadJeff Clinton
Software TestersRuss Bright, John Daniels, Rebecca Davis, Nate Doherty, Alan Heller, Jason Langer
Additional ArtistsMark Woodside
Additional DesignGeoffrey Card
Additional EngineeringFraser Thompson, Matthew Smith, Angela Woods
Additional Production HelpFrank Peterson
Engine DevelopmentBrian Fehdrau, Todd Gilbertsen
Tools DevelopmentBrian Fehdrau, Todd Gilbertsen
Testing ManagerBill Schneider
Creative DirectorPhillip Trumbo
Vice-President Development ServicesJohn Brummet
Vice-President Operations and FinanceMichael Dean
Director of MarketingCurtis Asplund
Special thanks to Amaze Entertainment OperationsStephanie Card, Susan DeMerit, Stephanie Hjertager, Christian Kimball, Matt Mclntire, Wesley Patten

Activision Studios

Sr. ProducerMatthew J. Powers
Associate ProducerDerek Racca
Executive ProducerMarcus Iremonger
Senior Director of Production ServicesSuzan Rude
Vice President North American StudiosThaine Lyman
Executive Producer World Wide StudiosGraham Fuchs
Senior Director TechnologyMatt Wilkinson
Senior Global Brand ManagerTabitha Hayes
Associate, Global Brand ManagerAmy Longhi
Director, Global Brand ManagementTom Silk
Vice President, Global Brand ManagementWill Kassoy
Senior PR ManagerMichael Mantarro
Senior PublicistJohn Rafacz
Senior Localization Project Manager (U.K.)Fiona Ebbs
Localization Manager (U.S.)Douglas W. Avery
Localization ConsultantStephanie O'Malley Deming
Director of Production ServicesBarry Kehoe
Localization CoordinatorGina Clarke
Localization Tools & Support Provided byXloc, Inc.
Lead, Quality AssuranceTom Chua (Night Shift), Erik Melen
Sr. Lead, Quality AssuranceEvan Button, Paul Colbert (Night Shift)
Sr. Manager, Quality AssuranceMarilena Morini
Manager, Quality AssuranceAdam Hartsfield
Sr. Manager, Technical Requirements GroupChristopher D. Wilson
Sr. Lead, Technical Requirements GroupAaron Camacho
Lead, Technical Requirements GroupSasan Helmi
QA Test TeamGiancarlo Contreras (Floor Lead), Zac Blitz (TRG Floor Lead), Menas Kapitsas (TRG Floor Lead), David Garcia-Gomez (QA/MIS Lead), Garrett Akira Oshiro, Leonard Rodriguez (Multiplayer Lab Floor Lead), Rexford Ajaa, Daniel Alfaro, Israel Barco, Eric Brody, Lemuel L. Castro, Leviticus Davis, Lucas Goodman, Bryant Hunter, Brian Jackson, Jeff Koyama, John Keith Lawson, Rashad Lewis, Brian Marvin, Geoff Mason, Eric Stanzione, Todd Sutton, Jason Tom
Customer Support ManagersGary Bolduc (Phone Support), Michael Hill (Email Support)

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