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Advertising Blurbs

    Championship Manager 2007 allows you to manage your club to glory, dealing with everything from tactics and training to transfers - everything you would expect a real-life football manager to do without owning a sheepskin coat.

    • Comprehensive Data Update to player, staff, club and league data - including Conference North and South.
    • Multiplayer Battle Mode - Go head to head against rival managers in Online Battle Mode matches. Full online Manager Profiles so there is no disputing who is the best manager.
    • Set Piece Editor - Design set pieces on the tactics pitch, test them on the training ground, then unleash them during the match.
    • Manager Coaching Badge - Prove you are a footballing mastermind. Change how you are viewed by players, fans, and most importantly the board
    • Manager Expectations - Disagree with your Board’s expectations for the season ahead? Tell them your ambitions – as long as you can live up to your own expectations.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (16661) on Sep 07, 2010.