Coconut Dodge Credits (PSP)

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Coconut Dodge Credits

Developed by Futurlab

Game DirectorJames Marsden
ProgrammerRobin Jubber
Game DesignersDan Bibby, John Griffin, Kirsty Rigden, James Whitwell
Level DesignerJames Marsden
Graphic DesignersJohn Griffin, James Marsden
IllustratorBen Hooley
MusicianDan Bibby (Weatherbrow)
Sound DesignersDan Bibby, James Marsden
TestersShaun Baker, Dan Bibby, Russell Hall, Robin Jubber, James Marsden, Steve Marshall, Kirsty Rigden, Paul-Michael Sorhaindo, Reece Thompson
Guest Maze DesignShaun Baker, Andy Galletly, Russell Hall, Steve Marshall, Paul-Michael Sorhaindo, Reece Thompson
Store TranslationsCarla Biella, Joris de Man, Heinrich Ferreira, Lucy Hart, Gemma Hopley, Emile Magny, Piotr Paduch, Ben Price, Susanne Radmann

Special Thanks

Relentless SoftwareDavid Amor, Andrew Eades, Jade Tidy
Technical HelpShahid Ahmad, Phil Gaskell, Markus Glanzer, Mike Kebby
City College BrightonShaun Baker, Paul Grant, Russell Hall, Steve Marshall, Reece Thompson
Brighton UniversityAndrew Blake, Paul-Michael Sorhaindo
andeveryone else who contributed!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202449)