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Mobile Tech Review (Dec, 2007)
Truly elaborate action/adventure games with real depth are few and far between, especially for the PSP. Let's face it - creating a vast, interactive world that is actually appealing takes a LOT of work. Crash of the Titans is a rare example of a game where the designers have not only completed this level of work, but have also made the game a fun and entertaining experience. The replay value is a bit low due to the episodes each essentially consisting of only one objective, but overall, even though it may be hard to be a mad scientist, it is easy to get hooked on battling against one.
PSX Extreme (Oct 28, 2007)
All in all, Crash of the Titans is not a bad game. I'd certainly say it's just above average, as its gameplay features a good dose of fun with clever platforming setups. The combat is a bit on the slow side and throws off the game's pace, but it gets better with time. The stage design isn't bad, and is back to being linear (albeit with various paths), and the visuals certainly make them pop. Despite a few poor choices in aesthetics and annoying voice acting, Crash of the Titans may mark the first step in return to norm for the franchise. Let's just hope we get a proper next-gen game coming our way, seeing as how the Xbox 360 version is practically the same game, running on the same engine, with prettier visuals. Overall, I'd recommend Crash of the Titans to fans and newcomers both.
Softpedia (Oct 26, 2007)
Crash of the Titans in its PSP version makes the perfect Christmas gift for your little brother or sister and the perfect collectible title for the Crash fanatic. It's a decent experience for casual gamers and a must play title for platforming fans. It will please the action-adventure games fans for at least two or three hours and it will be a nice break for the Halo 3 fanatics. Crash Bandicoot's latest adventure suits all tastes and ages, breaking the barrier of public segments and simply providing enough content and fun to last and leave an impression even after the game's been 100% completed.
70 (Dec 13, 2007)
Crash Of The Titans est un bon petit jeu de plates-formes qui nous fait oublier les deux précédents épisodes très médiocres. Radical Entertainment a su faire évoluer le gameplay tout en proposant une bonne jouabilité le tout enrobé d'énormément d'humour. On pourra lui reprocher une durée de vie limitée, malgré de nombreux bonus à débloquer, ou une vraie linéarité, mais malgré cela, cet opus est à classer dans le haut du panier.
Digital Chumps (Jun 26, 2008)
When asked by if it was disappointing to see other developers work on Crash, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells said "it's a bit like watching your daughter do porn." Those aren't exactly inspiring words, but I do feel that Crash of the Titans has erased some of the ills he may have received from Crash's other go-rounds. It's aimed at a younger demographic, but it's still chalk full of traditional platformer fun. Jacking titans functions well for a fundamental change to the series gameplay, even if the end result it is a little too combat heavy. Crash still isn't on the level of Ratchet or Mario, but he's doing his best to pull himself up from the dregs of other fallen imitators.
67 (Oct 31, 2007)
Ich liebe Jump-n-Runs, ich habe eine bemerkenswerte Schwäche für Blödsinn sowie möglichst alberne Tiere - insofern ist auch Crash of the Titans genau mein Spiel! Allerdings komme auch ich nicht umhin festzustellen, dass es im Grunde nur ein Problem hat, dafür aber auch gleich ein großes: Schon tausend Mal gespielt. Mal abgesehen vom Monsterpatschen, das nach einer kurzen Weile schön flüssig von der Hand geht, bietet das Game nix, was man nicht schon in quasi jedem anderen 3D-Jump-n-Run gesehen und gezockt hat. Das ist per se nichts Schlechtes, Crash macht seine Sache sehr gut, und ich hatte in den letzten Jahren wahrlich schlechtere Hüpfkost im Laufwerk - aber spektakulär ist auch dieses Spiel nicht.
IGN (Oct 26, 2007)
Crash of the Titans for PSP is a decent port of a briefly entertaining game. But even then, the PSP version loses out to the consoles in a number of areas; especially when it comes to multiplayer. Considering that the PS2 version retails for the same price as the PSP one, I would recommend that you just go straight to the home console game if you have to play a new Crash.