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Do yourself a favor and, at the very least, rent Dead Head Fred. It doesn't have the same promotional budget as a game based on a movie license, but don't let that dissuade you. You can't put a price on imagination, and this game has that in spades. So get your head screwed on right, and head on down to your local games dealer to get a head start on a truly fun and unique game.
GamingExcellence (Oct 25, 2007)
The real enjoyment of playing this game came from wanting to explore the detailed and often mysterious world and to get to a new cut-scene and be introduced to another unique character.
Game Chronicles (Sep 03, 2007)
Dead Head Fred is one of my top favorite PSP games of the year. I haven’t had this much fun with a corpse since that frat party back in…err…I mean since Stubbs on the Xbox.
AceGamez (2007)
There's more to this game then meets the eye and, just like an onion, it has many layers. Peel one back and as well as making you cry with laughter, it'll keep you entertained for hours on end. Part platformer, part beat 'em up, part collect 'em up, this action game is definitely not thin on top, as it crams it all in, just like all the head jokes we've managed to shoehorn into this review. We may have missed the obvious double-entendres but hey, they're too easy and this is a family website after all. Dead Head Fred is Worzel Gummidge for grown-ups. If you don't get this game then, well, where's your head at?!
Gamernode (Oct 01, 2007)
Dead Head Fred combines everything that makes a game good -- a unique story, great voice acting, memorable characters, and fun gameplay -- into one tiny UMD-based package. There is absolutely no reason any PSP owner shouldn't pick this game up... Unless you hate fun, that is. It's easily one of the better games to come out on the PSP, and this along with Puzzle Quest cements D3 as my favorite current handheld publisher. It's not perfect in every way, but it's an incredibly fun experience filled with memorable moments, and isn't that why we all want to play games, anyway?
Dead Head Fred is a very good game with a lot to offer. It is a shame, though, that some will pick the game up and put it down due to the frustration of the first level and boss fight. If you are reading this and are interested in the game, go get it and muscle through the beginning. There is an excellent action game, one with only minor problems, hiding just beyond one of the most needlessly frustrating boss battles in portable game history. Still need a push to get the game for yourself? Ok…I actually put down Guitar Hero II to play Dead Head Fred. If the proof isn't in that pudding, I don't know what is.
Worth Playing (Nov 22, 2007)
Dead Head Fred is genuinely funny, well written and simply fun to play. All of this should be more than enough to overlook a few minor bugs in the control system and gameplay. It isn't groundbreaking, but it is innovative to the point where the story is actually intrinsic to the gameplay. The title is varied so it never feels stale and presents a challenge to even the most seasoned adventure gamers. Even though this may alienate some less experienced players, the "Mature" rating means that the target audience will be able to quickly pick up and master the gameplay. Dead Head Fred is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is essentially based on generic titles, so no matter how you look at it, you won't lose your head by purchasing this title.
Defunct Games (Nov 20, 2007)
D3 is just surprising us left and right this year. Dead Head Fred is a solid adventure game full of great voice acting, an intriguing mystery and a world you won't want to leave. Don't let this video game gem pass you by as you rush toward all of the high profile games coming out this holiday season!
IGN (Sep 06, 2007)
Dead Head Fred is an excellent PSP action title for fans looking for an enjoyable title. The tale of revenge in a dark world is twisted, unapologetically humorous and packed with balanced gameplay that should keep players engaged for hours. While people may not have heard of this game, they really owe it to themselves to check out this title, because its one of the more unique stories on the portable console to date. If you give it a chance, you'll lose your head over Fred.
Video Game Talk (Oct 07, 2007)
Overall, Dead Head Fred is a very fun game with a solid storyline. The game play has a unique combat system with the hero having the capability to change his abilities by equipping different heads. It boils down to is an action/adventure genre with a twist. The twist is an absurdly weird storyline that takes film noir to new levels with the undead, gangsters, and a quest for sweet, sweet revenge. In the end, Dead Head Fred delivers when it comes to fun and engaging game play.
Dead Head Fred has an excellent sense of style that is plagued at times by monotonous combat. This isn't the type of game I would normally imagine finding as a PSP exclusive, but Vicious Cycle did a good job on the overall game, making it fun even if not perfect. For people who enjoy the action/puzzle/platform amalgam genre and don't mind punchy dialogue with no punches held, Dead Head Fred is worth a play.
GameSpy (Aug 29, 2007)
Dead Head Fred is one of the most entertaining games to hit the PSP this year. In the vast sea of PSP titles, Dead Head Fred stands "head and shoulders" above the rest. Unfortunately, it's likely to slip under the radar of most gamers. Still, with a little luck and some good word of mouth, Dead Head Fred has all the makings of one to the year's true sleeper hits.
78 (Jan 22, 2008)
Mein Highlight in Dead Head Fred ist die Sprachausgabe: Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, welcher Schauspieler besser dafür geeignet wäre, einen zynischen, kopflosen Privatdetektiv zu vertonen als der großartige John C. McGinley, der außerhalb der Scrubs-Konventionen endlich mal fluchen darf, wie ihm die große Klappe gewachsen ist - herrlich! Und die spielerische Mischung aus Kloppereien und Puzzles mit einer Extraportion Köpfchen-wechsele-dich wäre an sich super - wenn die Steuerung nicht wäre. Sie macht das Spiel beim schlimmsten Willen nicht zunichte, oh nein, aber sie hemmt das flüssige Spielgefühl doch spürbar: Zwei- und dreifach belegte Tasten sowie kränkelnde Kamerakontrolle vermitteln das Gefühl, dass die Entwickler etwas mehr wollten, als die Hardware möglich macht. Als »Action-Adventure mit Köpfchen« (ich entschuldige mich für diesen Joke, aber er war untermeidlich) ist Dead Head Fred einzigartig und sehr unterhaltsam - aber es hätte besser sein können.
75 (Sep 11, 2007)
Dead Head Fred offers a unique fresh idea but fails to keep the game enjoyable for the entire time. With the game’s overall simple puzzles, battle system, and shoddy camera, the game misses out on being a great PSP title. However, the game does have a solid graphics engine and shows off the power of the PSP even with the dull textures on the environments. Dead Head Fred is a solid rental title for PSP owners.
75 (Dec 17, 2007)
Dead Head Fred fait partie de ces jeux perfectibles mais qui possèdent assez de personnalité pour qu'on en oublie rapidement les points faibles. Son univers décalé et son gameplay particulier laisseront probablement pas mal de monde sur le carreau, mais ceux qui feront l'effort d'adhésion nécessaire seront gratifiés d'un jeu drôle et prenant.
Kopfschmerzen habe ich beim Spielen nicht bekommen. Ab und zu musste ich mich am Kopf kratzen, da die Kameraperspektive so ihre Macken hat. Mit ein wenig mehr spielerischer Abwechslung und etwas mehr Kopfarbeit bei den Rätseln wäre auch eine noch höhere Note dringewesen. Doch auch so müssen sich interessierte Spieler den Titel nicht aus dem Kopf schlagen, denn Dead Head Fred ist für ein paar Stunden Unterhaltung allemal gut. Ganz ehrlich, da könnt ihr mich gerne am Kopf, äh sorry, beim Wort nehmen!
Dead Head Fred is an entertaining romp, mostly due to its wildly wacky story, fantastic voice-acting and interesting head-swapping mechanic. The well-rendered graphics, expansive environments and numerous quests give the game a solid foundation, but the sluggish combat and repetitiveness of gameplay make it a little tiring. However, if you can forgive the few poor elements of Dead Head Fred, it will make a welcome addition to the library of any PlayStation Portable owner.
Game Shark (Jan 08, 2008)
Dead Head Fred is a perfect example of a game whose strengths far outweigh its minuses. The great visual style, graphics and voice acting, along with the head switching mechanic certainly makes up for the less than stellar platforming and slightly repetitive combat. Gamers that have a soft spot in their hearts for horror-comedy mash-ups will be entertained by the game’s setting and attitude and as long as you don’t expect this to be an epic beat ‘em up, the game offers an enjoyable, albeit slightly twisted, adventure.
Gameswelt (Feb 14, 2008)
Im Prinzip gibt es viele Pluspunkte, die für ’Dead Fred Head’ sprechen. Allen voran steht die bizarre Geschichte und das interessante Konzept, auch wenn es weniger innovativ ist, als es den Anschein hat. Hinzu gesellt sich eine überraschend große Spielwelt, welche speziell für einen PSP-Titel sehr viel Entdeckungsspielraum bietet. Umso ärgerlicher ist es, dass wir mit unnötig starr designten Stellen kämpfen müssen, denn alternative Lösungswege drängen sich geradezu auf. Beinahe stolpert der Geheimtipp runter auf das Niveau von Probespielen, weil die Kämpfe extrem schnell langweilen und das Geschehen dominieren. Trotzdem ist ’Dead Head Fred’ gerade hier im Winter für eine Kaufüberlegung gut, bis die nächsten, richtigen Hits im März erscheinen.
71 (Jan 22, 2008)
Dead Head Fred lebt von den skurrilen Charakteren und dem gut eingebauten Kopfwechselspiel. Mich persönlich hat die Story zwar ziemlich kalt gelassen, doch wer satirische Seitenhiebe auf ernste Horrorabenteuer liebt, liegt hier goldrichtig. Für ein Handheldspiel ist die Technik grundsolide, allein die viel zu häufigen Ladezeiten und die katastrophale Kamera sorgen für Abzüge. Alles in allem ist Dead Head Fred daher ein insgesamt ordentliches Action-Adventure, das man sicherlich nicht gespielt haben muss, doch Spaß macht das Wechseln der Köpfe allemal.
Console Obsession (May 30, 2010)
Dead Head Fred puts me in mind of the PS2 gothfest Primal: big on atmosphere and promise, short on real ideas. When they stepped up to the chopping board, Vicious evidently had a grand ole’ winter gumbo of an action game in mind, but despite their largesse with the ingredients and laudable attention to detail, the resulting dish is neither as exotic nor as nutritious as it might have been.
UOL Jogos (Sep 14, 2007)
"Dead Head Fred" mostra que nem só de remakes ou continuações vive o PSP e que há espaço para produções originais, que sabem tirar proveito do aparelho. O que chama a atenção logo de cara é a singularidade do personagem principal, que é muito bem aproveitado no enredo e na mecânica de jogo. Mas, por trás, também há um jogo sólido que mistura, com inteligência, doses de combate, plataforma, exploração e quebra-cabeça, com destaque para este último quesito. Com bastante conteúdo, "Dead Head Fred" tem diversão de console grande.
Game Critics (Oct 22, 2007)
In its current state, Dead Head Fred comes maddeningly close to what could be defined as a genius cult classic. With polish, redefinition, and restructuring, this sardonic flatfoot's next case should be able to hold its own against PSP action stars like Ratchet & Clank or Daxter, and that's no small praise
Game Revolution (Oct 10, 2007)
There are some very good reasons to play Dead Head Fred, but a lot of them aren't the moment to moment gameplay until surprisingly late in the game. It's hard to give this game glowing praise because of the various control and level design flaws, but the hilarious writing and snappy animations deserve some real praise. Ultimately, Dead Head Fred is worth the effort to play and a worthwhile game to pick up. Perhaps if there had been fewer heads involved, the game would lurch that much less.
GameSpot (Oct 05, 2007)
It's a shame that so many different parts of Dead Head Fred come up short because underneath all of the mess is a really neat game with plenty of variety and a decent sense of style. But you'll have to look past a lot of issues, big and small, to actually enjoy it. Only patient souls need apply.
Even so, Dead Head Fred is hardly broken. Beating up enemies and stealing their heads works, but is rarely compelling. Navigating bite-sized environments is easy to do, but almost never offers a sense of exploration or accomplishment. The occasionally clever dialogue and intriguing visual style just aren’t enough to save this title from its own mediocrity.
50 (UK) (Nov 18, 2007)
Weighing in at a hefty 20-25 hours in length, Dead Head Fred outstays its welcome and never really elevates above being a fun yet ultimately frustrating platform-cum-action adventure game. If only they'd have concentrated on the puzzles and exploration more than the combat, and tightened up the loose platforming controls, it could have been one of the surprise hits of the year.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 25, 2008)
Dead Head Fred incorporates hand-to-hand combat, puzzle solving, and platform jumping. It isn't terribly original, but the pacing is good and the effective musical score often mixes a playful piano with more ominous tones. You can save your progress at any time. The game seems playable enough at first, but you end up struggling with an unruly camera and some terribly unforgiving platform jumping. In one stage you need to jump across a series of sinking lily pads, and the degree of frustration is almost enough to award the game an instant F. A minor title like this does not merit that degree of aggravation. Even at a budget price, I'd have a hard time recommending Dead Head Fred to anybody.