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Video Game Talk (Dec 16, 2006)
Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil is an action/adventure game for the PSP. It features a goofy tale about the son of the Grim Reaper, DJ, who finds himself in a predicament when he and a friend unleash an evil force. DJ and company embark on a journey to stop the Root of Evil and return everything back to the way it was. The storyline proves to be a fun part of the game with strong animations and voiceovers. The game also has solid graphics and great game play that is both addictive and fun. In the end, "Root of Evil" is a solid production and it is a must own.
GamePro (US) (Oct 31, 2006)
The unique blend of wonderfully bizarre settings and enemies make Death Jr.'s return a fresh gaming experience. It's Nightmare Before Christmas meets Alice in Wonderland. Prepare yourself for one crazy trip.
Game Freaks 365 (Nov, 2007)
Overall Death Jr. II: Seeds of Evil is a better game than the first one, and it is definitely a good idea for anyone who liked the first game to try this one. It doesn't manage to pull off Devil May Cry or God of War qualities but it is a great alternative to those ultra-violent PS2 and PSP games. A younger audience can play and enjoy Death Jr. II for its characters, and even older audiences can sap some time away and enjoy playing.
75 (Nov 19, 2006)
Overall DJ 2 is a very solid title and should be checked out by fans of the original title. Konami improved on the game over the original in the level design and the inclusion of Pandora was a welcome addition to the title. Sadly the lack of character differentiation makes it hard to play as the other character after completing the title. Had the analog control been a little better and DJ and Pandora has more differentiation between them this would have been a big step-up from the original. Sadly, these problems keep the game from shining.
Worth Playing (Mar 05, 2007)
At the end of the day, though, the collision detection is enough of a problem to dock it a few points. A platformer with unreliable platforming isn’t anything I can seriously recommend, which relegates Death Jr. II to bargain-bin status. It’s not a bad buy if you’re starved for action on your PSP, but you should know what you’re in for first.
Video Game Generation (Jun 07, 2007)
For every time you have to spend two or three minutes taking stock of the situation before navigating clever puzzles, there are a hundred enemies just past the next checkpoint waiting to knock you off a cliff. And, what’s worse, the game clearly accounts for that, being stuffed to the brim with checkpoints, health and ammunition. In hindsight, that may be the single biggest flaw here: for a game about Death, it simply plays it too safe.
Lawrence (Nov 06, 2006)
The original Death Jr. was the first officially showcased game for the PSP system, but it wasn’t exactly the best showpiece. Despite some decent gameplay, it offered up nothing new for the action/platforming genre. Death Jr. II is a slight step up, but is still far from a must-buy. As average as it is, it’s really hard to give a solid recommendation for Death Jr. II. While not being a “bad” game by any means, it’s the same generic platforming that we’ve seen for years.
Gamer 2.0 (Apr 02, 2007)
Ultimately, Death Jr. II: Roots of Evil fails to really deliver on the potential of the concept, mostly due to some minor annoyances that manage to ball up into a larger annoyance with the gameplay. The pacing could use some work, but the short nature of the levels and the game itself works in its favor to not dawdle too long with the boring areas. Whatever character you choose really doesn’t matter, nor does bringing a friend in on the fun alter things much, but the one singular story is enough for an enjoyable game. If Death Jr. III can’t fully deliver on this series’ potential, it may be time to just abort and move on to more promising ventures.
68 (May 13, 2007)
Charisma, Eigenständigkeit sowie Abwechslung - daran mangelt es dem Nachwuchs-Tod. Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil sieht gut aus, spielt sich meist flott und bietet jede Menge Action. Falls ihr immer wieder mal für eine halbe Stunde der Sohn des Sensenmannes sein wollt: Schlagt zu! Dann zieht ihr lockere Kombos vom Leder, stapft durch eine der Netzhaut schmeichelnde Welt und fühlt euch zwischen den skurrilen Figuren wohl. Aber übertreibt es nicht. Denn nach einer halben Stunde wiederholen sich DJs Erlebnisse. Die stupiden Monstermassen gehen irgendwann auf den Senkel und drum herum wird außer gelegentlichen Geschicklichkeitseinlagen nichts verlangt oder geboten. Die zickige Kamera mit zu viel eigenem Willen zwingt außerdem zu regelmäßigen Stopps und manuellem Justieren. Nicht einmal die viel versprechenden Protagonisten treten markant in Erscheinung - und verschwinden genau deshalb schnell aus dem Gedächtnis.
Daily Game (Nov 18, 2006)
The original Death Jr., which hit the PSP about a year ago, was a respectable platformer that put characters in the robes of the son of the Grim Reaper. It was a fairly enjoyable outing, with a cast of incredibly odd, but certainly unique characters, good graphics and about average level designs. It's key weaknesses were the simplicity of the action, which involved nothing more than the basic of platforming basics - jump,smash and swing, to be precise, and the annoying camera. With Death Jr. 2, the camera's been fixed for the most part, but the rest of the game pretty much remains the same. Far from boring, Death Jr. 2 makes a respectable run at being a solid PSP platformer, though stripped of its characters, it lacks any originality.
1UP (Nov 07, 2006)
Root of Evil is long, with environments ranging from twisted farmyards populated by chickens with laser eyes to similarly twisted carnivals and hellish, alternate dimensions that, for some strange reason, are choc- full of moving platforms. Oh, and the final boss -- I don't think this is a spoiler -- is hard as hell. In fact, I never actually killed it, despite many attempts. I figured out that I'd probably need to backtrack to earlier levels to locate a few weapon parts I'd missed, and then I decided I'd probably be happier not doing that. I expect taking down that big, ugly boss would be easier in the two-player co-op mode, but a second player can't just jump in anywhere - if you start a co-op game, you're right back at the first training level. Which sucks. And so that boss will forever go unkilled in the little world of my PSP game saves, which, in a way, is kind of damning. Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil definitely has some good moments, but it's really not that compelling in the end.
GameSpy (Nov 03, 2006)
Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil is one of those games that's tough to review. It's a solid little action game, but there's nothing about it that stands out. Still, with the current draught of quality software on the PSP, it may just be worth a look for system owners starved for a fun, portable platformer. There's a good amount of fun to be had here -- just don't expect to be blown away by the experience.
60 (May 10, 2007)
By managing to bring most of the failings of the original along for the sequel Backbone Entertainment have wasted the work they've done to improve other areas. It's a shame as the quirky sense of fun that runs through the whole experience deserves to be in a much better game than the one it has ended up in. In fact, take Backbone Entertainment's art department and drop them into a developer like Ready At Dawn (the guys who made the superb PSP platformer Daxter) and you'd have a fantastic game on your hands, as it is Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil is as blandly middle of the road as games go.
60 (May 04, 2007)
En dépit de ses nombreux problèmes de gameplay, Death Jr II : Root Of Evil offre une bonne petite quantité de bons moments. Quand la caméra ne se met pas en travers du chemin, vous passerez même d'excellents moments. Et c'est lors de ces rares moments de fun que l'on se demandera pourquoi le jeu n'est pas tout le temps comme ça. Dommage, mais peut-être que le prochain épisode, si prochain épisode il y a, saura gommer tous ces vilains défauts trop archaïques. Dommage.
G4 TV: X-Play (Dec 13, 2006)
The meat of Death Jr. II is spent traversing levels, filling enemies full of lead and collecting parts for weapon upgrades. Most weapons, like the enemy-seeking suicide hamsters, are worth the effort. The settings and characters, despite their reliance on a threadbare goth outcast sensibility, are plenty imaginative. Though some areas feel overlong, especially when you have to traverse a quarter mile of cleared real estate to re-attempt a failed jump. While filled with improvements, the sloppy and imprecise Death Jr. II still doesn't have the chops to hang with excellent PSP platforming of Daxter. Maybe that's why kid feels like he doesn't fit in: homeboy lives in the shadow of an ottsel.