Dissidia: Final Fantasy Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen.
Start menu.
This is the story mode menu. Here you can choose to play each character's campaign as well as other unlockable ones.
Occasionally you will be able to read such dialogues during story play. Sometimes they make no sense but it's nice to read them from time to time.
This is one of the story maps. It feels like chess doesn't it? :)
Encountering an enemy. Now you can battle him!
Opponent info. You see this before starting the battle. Sometimes it's pretty useful because it helps you choose the best battle tactics.
It's really easy to battle in mid-air. You also have a double jump option! Also, most HP attacks will negate gravity so you can use them in order to keep yourself flying. :)
See that red "Break" text near my HP? That means the opponent broke my Bravery Points. All my HP attacks will be negated until my Bravery Points return to normal.
This is one of Cloud's HP attacks. It will decrease the enemy's hitpoints by Cloud's bravery points.
Ex Mode has been activated. One successful Ex Mode attack will provide you with the chance of causing increased damage to the opponent by breaking your limit.
You can break your limit by pressing the O button repeatedly. This applies to Cloud and some other characters (not all!).
After winning a battle you will obtain some loot.
Let's not forget the Victory Stance! Accompaniated by the classic Victory Fanfare :P
Tutorials are shown this way.
Here you can customize your character.
If you take an action when an enemy is in an adjacent position to yours, a fight will be automatically triggered.
A cutscene.
Some loading screens offer you valuable tips.
Level complete!
You can use skills on the level map. Maser Eye will decrease the target's HP by 20%.
Yeah sure. Wait till I stick my huge buster sword in you!
A nice feature: You can skip just about any cutscene!
Summoning Magic Pot to help me!
Even after being defeated, Sephiroth won't leave you alone :)
These cutscenes are narrated. It's a nice way to present the story to the player.
PP Catalog. You can use PP to unlock extra content.
Select characters for Quick Fight.
Set up the game options for the next fight.
Even if there are obstacles in sight, the enemy will still be targeted and focused on.
Arcade mode - normal mode
Playing as the bad guy this time. Garland has some huge sword!
Which leaves trails on the ground when Garland moves!
Garland's Ex Burst also requires you to mash that O button :)
After completing arcade mode you get to see a nice could-be-wallpaper of your selected character.
Shop screen.
We've got heavy armored bad guys here!
This is the best part of the game in my opinion :) The museum.
Viewing character info in the museum.
You occasionally recieve letters from moogles. They may also give you PP or friend cards as presents along with those letters!