Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road Credits (PSP)

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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road Credits

FUNimation Entertainment

PresidentGen Fukunaga
Senior Vice‑PresidentWard Thomas
Senior Vice‑President MarketingDebra Kennedy
Brand ManagerGene Ary
Licensing Account ManagerBrandie Flahie
Licensing Account AssociateMichael Hathaway


Producer/Voice DirectorChristopher Sabat
Project ManagerAndrew Rye
Senior Audio EngineerRawly Pickens
Lead EditorJeremiah Gray
CastAndy Chandler, Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Stephanie Nadolny, Kyle Herbert, Eric Vale, Sonny Strait, Linda Young, Meredith McCoy, Justin Cook, Vic Mignogna

Product Development

ProducerDonald T. Clay
VP of ProductionHudson Piehl
Senior VP of Content GroupJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Director of Production Support & QASamuel Gatté
Production Support Project ManagerSara Hasson
VP of Business DevelopmentRobert Stevenson
Director of Business DevelopmentRoger F. A. Arias

Marketing and Sales

VP of Marketing and SalesNique Fajors
Senior Director of Marketing OperationsSteve Tucker
Director of MarketingRick Mehler
Product ManagerEmily Anadu
Manager of Customer Relationship ManagementBrennen Vega
Customer Relationship RepresentativeJames Giambrone
Manager of Channel MarketingJoanna Negron
Director of Public RelationsAndrea Schneider
Public Relations SpecialistAlissa Bell
Creative Services ManagerLiz Fierro
Traffic ManagerVeronica Franklin
Digital Media SpecialistLuis Valdez

Online Entertainment

Senior VP of Online EntertainmentChris Bergstresser
Director of Business DevelopmentIan Sharpe
Director of Web Design and TechnologyTracy Swanson
Director of Content and CommunitiesAlex Rudis
Business Development AssociateMatt Labunka
Associate ProducerAdam Poots
Community ManagerGregg Baker


VP of Inventory and Operations AccountingRobert Spellerberg
Director of OperationsShawn Johnson
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti


VP and General CounselKristina Pappa
VP of Business AffairsEvan Gsell
Senior Director of Legal and Business AffairsKristen J. Keller, Kirk Prindle
Manager of IP Rights and ClearancesJoseph McDonald
Manager of Contract AdministrationKaren Moreau

Red Sheet, LLP

DesignMorgan Tomaiolo
DocumentationKurt Carlson


CEOAntoine Carre
COOPaquito Hernandez
Project ManagerAndrew Gar Sing Lee
Lead TesterJesse Penning
Assistant Lead TesterAnthony L. LeBlanc
TestersFrancois Trudel, Emmanuel Paul-Blain, Patrick Brouillard, Kain Lacroix, Jessica Winskell, Mélanie Labonté

Quality Assurance and Support

Manager of Publishing SupportEzequiel Nunez
Q.A. Testing SupervisorJason Kausch
Lead TesterAbby Suh
Manager, Compatibility Lab and Engineering ServicesDavid Strang
Engineering Services TechniciansEugene Lai, Chris McQuinn
Director of Strategic Relations Joy Schneer
Senior Manager of Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz

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Credits for this game were contributed by B Troy (36)