Dragoneer's Aria Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Main Menu: you can select between English and Japanese audio.
Enter Valen, the hero of the game
As take your first steps through the city, various NPCs provide explanations about the game.
These two characters with an attitude appear at the start of the game -- they look like they are on their way to a cosplay event.
Entering an item shop.
Browsing the inventory of a shop. There are a lot of items available for crafting.
You can freely explore locations by walking around in them. A map (top right-hand corner) helps you find the way.
Meet Euphe, the cute green-haired girl who will become your first party member.
Battles are turn-based. You choose your fighter and the attach the execute on an enemy.
Fighting a poisonous plant in a lava cave.
Defeated the evil "blob". It sinks back into the ground where it came from.
Valen summons a spell during battle.
Euphe uses one of her attacks on an enemy that looks like the Grim Reaper.