Driver '76 Ad Blurbs (PSP)

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Advertising Blurbs
    From the Driver franchise that has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, Driver ’76 comes exclusively to PSP.

    When the girl of your dreams is the daughter of the biggest triad boss in NYC, it will take more than flashy driving to win her over. Put your reputation on the line and prove you’re New York’s fastest wheelman.

    Game Features:

    • Developed Exclusively for PSP – Drive, crash and shoot your way through authentic 1976 New York in 27 all new missions.
    • Fully Customizable Vehicles - Collect your favorite cars and motorcycles and select from an extensive menu of upgrades. Customize body work, install engine upgrades, tune the suspension, add custom exterior paints and buy accessories like bullet proof glass and tinted windows.

    • Head-to-Head Multiplayer – Challenge friends in games modes like Street Racing, Carnage and Circuit Racing. Increase the stakes and race for Pink Slips – winner takes all, loser gives up their car.

    • Swap Collectibles Via Wi-Fi – Meet up with friends at the Driver ’76 Wi-Fi swap meet and exchange collectibles.

    • High Speed Hollywood Action – Prove your reputation as New York’s fastest wheelman. Remember the cops are never too far behind.

    Contributed by DreinIX (10676) on Apr 18, 2008.