Eragon Credits (PSP)

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Eragon Credits

Amaze Entertainment

Executive ProducersDaniel Elenbaas, David Mann
Executive Studio DirectorLindsay Gupton
ProducerPhillip Dennison, Becca Yucha
Development ManagerMelanie Locher
Associate ProducerChristopher Orth
Lead DesignerGeoff Card, Eric D. Gingrich, Nick Mirkovich
Art LeadPamela Ansman-Wolfe, Andrew Brinkworth
Lead ProgrammerCullen Faugno, David Lawson
Lead Character and Animation ArtistMichael Baran, Andrew Brinkworth
Testing LeadJason Larsen
Sound and Music ManagerMark Yeend
Cinematic ProducerRon Perry
Level DesignerJustin Fisher, Bill Morrison, Hayden Wilkinson, Sean Stahl
Environment ArtJamie Burton, Jodi Dillinger, Matt Dudley, Mark Lautenbach, Mok Marquardt, Jason Southwick, Jim Tibbits
Technical ArtistChristopher Orth
Interface ArtistCisco Javier Martinez
ProgrammersChristian Crowser, Cullen Faugno, Paul Horn, Bruce Shtelmakher, Sean Stahl, Vikki Zarkovich
Character and Object AnimationMichael Baran, Tony Ravo, Drew Shy
Character ModelingSharon Plotkin
Software TestersJeff Clinton, Sarah Gordon, Bryant Hodson, Brooks Pentheny, Cameron Reeb, Aaron Wardell
Sound DesignerIan Rodia
Cut Scene ArtistJohn Irick
Engine DevelopmentBrian Fehdrau, Todd Gilbertson, Jay Kint
Tools DevelopmentBrian Fehdrau, Todd Gilbertson, Jay Kint
Additional ProgrammingBill Carlson, John Foreman, Andrew Harris, Michael Lankerovich, Jack Song
Additional Sound DesignDrew Cady
ComposerNoel Gabriel
Art InternMark K. Jones
Studio Art DirectorPeter King
Creative DirectorPhillip Trumbo
Director of Development ServicesJohn Brummet
Director of Operations and FinanceMichael Dean
Director of MarketingCurtis Asplund
Special Thanks to Amaze Entertainment OperationsStephanie Card, Susan DeMerit, Stephanie Hjertager, Christian Kimball, Matt McIntire, Paul Stokes


ComposerRobb Mills
Special Thanks toElie Dekel, Luke Letizia, Jamie Samson, Erik Larson, Kate Carlyle, Hedy Charney, Laura Howe, Kate McColgan, Gail Harrison, Janie Freedman, Rodney Ferrell, Nick D'Angelo

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159879) and Sean Stahl (28)