Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen (in Russian)
Main menu (in Russian)
Customize you avatar (in Russian)
Loading screens provide some hints (in Russian)
How to play (in Russian)
The tale of fat princess
Chapter select (in Russian)
A match usually starts like this
Carrying a chunk of ore as a worker
Yes, there's blood all over
I'm a fire mage now
Map screen
Score screen (in Russian)
Upgraded worker throwing bombs. And those bombs hit really hard.
Upgrading a structure
Enemy princess in enemy castle
We have the princess! Run away!
We won the match!
Upgraded priest casting drain spell with area effect (arena mode)
I heal my soldiers while enemy priest does the same (arena mode)
Drain spell is a good means of survival (arena mode)
Group heal spell (arena mode)
Score (arena mode)
I lost (arena mode)
Upgraded archer becomes pistol shooter (arena mode)
Upgraded warrior is a formidable foe (arena mode)
Last chapter start (in Russian)
Soccer minigame