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GameSpot (Oct 27, 2005)
FIFA 06 not only addresses the problems of its predecessor, but also adds online play and an entertaining ball-juggling minigame to the mix.
82 (Feb 24, 2006)
FIFA is pretty much Electronic Arts' most important release of the year. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the game makes its appearance on just about every platform (except maybe the Amiga 500 and Commodore 64). With the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube versions getting critical acclaim (and the inferior Xbox 360 port only shining on the graphics side), EA's eyes turn to the handhelds, most importantly the PSP. There aren't any real changes, but did anyone really expect those?
81 (Nov 10, 2005)
EASports hat es wirklich geschafft FIFA 06 für die PSP nahezu 1:1 umzusetzen. Sei es das dicke Lizenzpaket, die vielen Spielmodi, das umstrittene Gameplay oder die hübsche Grafik, FIFA 06 bietet fast alles, was die Versionen für PC und Konsole ausmachen. Sicherlich muss man in einigen Bereichen kleinere Abstriche machen und allein die nicht veränderbare Tastenbelegung ist indiskutabel, doch zumindest bis zum Release von PES 5 für die PSP darf sich FIFA 06 auf den Genrethron bequem machen. Der bislang einzige Konkurrent World Tour Soccer gefällt mir aber zumindest in Sachen Gameplay und dem Herausforderungsmodus sogar einen Tick besser.
81 (Nov 11, 2005)
Der erste hiesige PSP-Auftritt der EA-Kicker präsentiert sich nicht ganz so gut wie auf dem DS, aber deutlich besser als die diesjährigen Konsolen-Fassungen. Die Steuerung funktioniert gut, das Spielgefühl stimmt weitestgehend und sowohl alleine als auch in Multiplayer-Partien entsteht schnell Spielspaß – auch wenn ein Karriere-Modus fehlt. Als Überbleibsel aus den Konsolenversionen gibt es zwar immer noch sehr viele sich ähnelnde Tore, doch FIFA 06 ist auf der PSP immer wieder für einen Kick gut und in jedem Fall unterhaltsamer als World Tour Soccer.
Softpedia (Nov 23, 2006)
FIFA is a name that rings many bells for the football aficionados. Some of us may even prefer playing FIFA and forget the good old physical exercise. I have to mention that this game is not an easy one. It's not arcade, it's not quite a simulator, because EA did not forget that the PSP's primary purpose is to deliver a unique experience in small doses, but it's a pretty good title.
PSX Extreme (Jan 26, 2006)
FIFA 06 is a very good game, but since it follows its predecessor by a little over six months it's not a huge leap forward. You get the feeling that EA should have held off on releasing the first game, instead focusing their energy on FIFA 06. If you're reasonably satisfied with FIFA Soccer you can probably hold off on this one, but if you don't own already one it or you want a more polished experience, FIFA 06 is worth a look.
FIFA 06 is a game that reassures me that the PSP isn't entirely a dead fish in the water. We've seen a lot of PlayStation or PS2 ports on the system since launch, with dozens of sports games. FIFA 06 might not break that general mold all that much, but at least it sticks to the stereotypical PSP title description, doing it pretty darn good. Playing a season on-the-go (I did it on my N-Gage all the time) is great fun, especially with the soundtrack, commentary, and graphics of the PSP. The landscape view Juggling mini-game is a creative use of the gigantic PSP screen, possibly opening the door for future game concepts. While I'm about ready to give a yellow card to whichever publisher releases another sports game on the PSP, FIFA 06 proves its worthiness.
An option to speed up the pace of play would have been welcome, as would a break from the series' reliance on set animations for players and better defensive AI, but this game does well to recover the series from its disastrous beginning on the handheld. Expect more next year.
IGN (Oct 28, 2005)
FIFA Soccer 06 is an improvement and pretty much the FIFA for PSP soccer fans have (and should've been) waiting for. It's smoother, feels better and doesn't feel so much like a PS2 game squeezed into a PSP's body. The juggling game is a nice quick way to get in some gameplay (and drain your battery) without committing to an entire game but really isn't much more than DDR with a soccer star. It would've been nice to see some connectivity between this PSP version and the PS2 version of FIFA 06 like we saw with Madden NFL 06 for both systems. Franchise mode is a big deal to soccer fans too, so it could be something we see in the future.
70 (Oct 25, 2005)
FIFA 06 s'avère être davantage une distraction qu'un véritable hit sur PSP. Inutile d'y chercher le jeu qui vous passionnera des heures et des heures puisqu'il est au final trop répétitif pour proposer un grand intérêt. Cependant, d'une grande accessibilité et pourvu de nombreux modes de jeu et compétitions, le titre d'EA Sports sera une bonne alternative en attendant l'arrivée de jeux davantage orientés simulation.
60 (Dec 08, 2005)
FIFA 06 laisse globalement une impression positive, un jeu bien réalisé et très complet. Mais non, ce n’est pas le titre de football ultime attendu. L’absence de mode carrière, la répétitivité du gameplay ainsi que son IA très décevante l’empêchent de se réclamer comme tel. On se retrouve donc en face d’un jeu honnête, qui ravira les fans nomades de la série et ceux qui souhaiteraient une première expérience en douceur du football sur la console portable de Sony, mais pas plus.