Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen and main menu (US version)
Title screen and main menu (Japanese version)
Gallery mode
Artwork (this shot refers to The After Years)
Final Fantasy IV: Title screen and main menu
Final Fantasy IV: Intro
Final Fantasy IV: Starting the game, Cecil of Red Wings
Final Fantasy IV: On the world map
Final Fantasy IV: Let's fight a boss!
Final Fantasy IV: Classic!
Final Fantasy IV: Myst effects in Myst Cave
Final Fantasy IV: Dark Knight Cecil uses his dark ability against helpless zombies
Final Fantasy IV: Behold the Fat Chocobo
Final Fantasy IV: Behold Leviathan
Final Fantasy IV: Traveling later in the game
Final Fantasy IV: Using a sort of GPS system in the Underworld
Final Fantasy IV: Summoning Titan
Final Fantasy IV: Malboros tend to inflict nasty status effects on the party
Final Fantasy IV: Using a cottage to rest
Final Fantasy IV Interlude: Title screen and main menu
Final Fantasy IV Interlude: Yang's daughter is born...
Final Fantasy IV Interlude: Rydia is off to Damcyan for celebration
Final Fantasy IV Interlude: Party versus Android soldiers
Final Fantasy IV Interlude: Palom was not very fast to figure that out...
The After Years: Title screen and main menu
The After Years: Game title in the intro
The After Years: More intro
The After Years: The dragon on the background of twin moons
The After Years: New gameplay feature: change of moon phase (affects the power of attacks and spells)
The After Years: Bottom right corner shows how the current moon phase affects your abilities
The After Years: This was originally an episodic game for mobile phones divided into stories. Same structure (with minor variations) is kept here
The After Years: Ceodore's tale title card
The After Years: Each tale hides a Challenge Dungeon accessible once the tale is complete
The After Years: Sometime you even have to make choices which may affect the story later (although just a little bit)
The After Years: There are a lot of new abilities, and some are hilarious
The After Years: One of the street vendors
The After Years: New gameplay feature - Yang and Ursula use a "band" ability - a kind of combo attack on an Adamantoise. There is a great number of various bands with varying effects in the game
The After Years: The final story is where your previous efforts pay off since now you can import most of the characters from the previously completed tales
The After Years: In the final tale you can change your party almost anytime, choosing from a roster of over 20 unique characters
The After Years: ...and I though a regular Deathmask was a dreadful foe!
The After Years: Epic battles...
The After Years: Epic monsters...
The After Years: you need to form three parties to fight the PSP-exclusive boss
The After Years: PSP-exclusive boss called Lost Babil