Gitaroo Man Lives! Credits (PSP)

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Gitaroo Man Lives! Credits

Visual Producer

Mitsuru Nakamura (326)

Music Producer

Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yosuke Sato (COIL)

Character Voices

U‑1Lenne Hardt
PumaRyan Drees
Kazuya/ZowieDouglas Kirkpatrick
Pico/KirahBianca Allen
MirandaPaul Lucas
Ming Ming/PanpeusLisle Wilkerson
Mojo King BeeKaleb James
Gregorio Wilhelm IIIBrian Matt-Uhl

Planning & Development

PlanningKOEI Co. Ltd.
DevelopmentiNiS Corporation
Game DesignKeiichi Yano
Main ProgrammingKeiichi Yano
Creative DirectorMasako Harada
ScenarioMasako Harada
Sound ProducerTomohiro Harada (TOMZUIN H)
Art DirectorKotaro Umeji
CG DesignKotaro Umeji
Movie DirectorKotaro Umeji
Manual DesignThreeP2

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