Written by  :  Victor Vance (9478)
Written on  :  Feb 09, 2014
Rating  :  3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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A Gran Turismo without a Gran Turismo mode.

The Good

Well I am a big car fan and I am also a racing game enthusiast so I was really looking forward to this game. So I started the game with high expectations. When first seeing the intro the graphics look like Polyphony really know how to handle the PSP as it looks really amazing. The next thing is the car selection which is fantastic in quality and quantity. Almost unnecessary to mention that the driving physics are Gran Turismo standard. They feel realistic but it is still playable.

The Bad

Like I said in the summary the game lacks of a Gran Turismo mode which is in my eyes a very important part of the series ( I mean it is even part of the name). I always enjoyed searching for the right car for the events the Gran Turismo mode was made of.

The Bottom Line

If you have already played a game of the series it will feel very familiar. Most (if not all) of the racetracks have already appeared in former GT games. Even most of the cars have a Gran Turismo history, so it feels a bit like a "Best of" compilation. Don´t get me wrong it is still a good racing game on its own, but it is also the weakest part of the series (so far). If you don´t miss the Gran Turismo mode to much you can still have a lot of fun with this one!