Gran Turismo Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

A shot from the intro
Game title
Main menu
Main single player menu
In singleplayer there are three game modes -- race against the clock, single race vs. 3 computer-controlled opponents and drift. There's no career mode
There's a description for every car model in the game
Selecting a track
Adjusting my first car before the race
Racing in my Pontiac Vibe GT
Race result
You reach new driver levels for each track as you win races
Only four car dealers are accessible at every time, they switch after each two races (days). And only a fraction of car deals is available for some dealers.
Driving challenges
Driving challenges set A
The most basic challenge - speed up and stop the car at a designated point
Gold medal awarded
Browsing today's Nissan deals
Multiplayer menu
Quick-tune options
Adjusting the number of laps
In-car view. Unfortunately, cabins are not recreated
Built-in user manual
Racing in a town at the sea side - rear view
Racing in the dirt - Cathedral Rocks Trail (replay)
It's very hard to control the car in the snow, especially RWD types
DMC DeLorean
Another driving challenge
Failed a challenge
In dirt races it may be hard to see where you're going if you lag behind
Despite the limitations of the system there are some nice vistas. Also 60 fps at all times is an impressive achievement
Seattle city race track
'Exciting' race of the oldies
Now this is much more exciting -- feel the power!
Opera Paris race track
Forward or reverse layout may be selected for fictional race tracks
Racing in New York
Testing the car's maximum speed at the oval
Status report
American classics are represented well
Formula-class cars are here as well, but they cost a ton of credits
Reaching tremendous speed at a straight in this Formula-class car
Getting ready to race at Nürburgring
One of many tricky corners of Nürburgring
Classic Mersedes-Benz coupe
Slip streaming
Some cars represented --- well, I have no idea what the hell are they doing in a racing game
Port town
Seoul city track
Racing DTM-class vehicles
Sorting my car collection -- by manufacturer