Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Main title
Character introduction
Opening cinematic
Main menu
Game settings
Enter your character's name
Arriving to Kyoto in search of your father
Pondering on past decisions
Reminiscing of the conversation with your father
Kyoto at night
Streets of Kyoto can be dangerous at night
Running into some strange looking guys
Rescued by the Shinsengumi
Not all among the Shinsengumi seem to trust you at first
Accessing in-game menu
Where should I go next... note the choices you've selected in your previous play marked in red
Sanosuke is protecting the road to the estate
Kyo Shiranui is surprised by your sudden boldness
Sakura petals indicate a rise of affection towards you
The enemies of Shinsengumi
Story is told through chapters
Genzaburo is enjoying your hot tea
After a while, Shinsengumi headquarters is starting to feel like home
Shinsengumi might need to change the residence
This temple seems to have plenty of room to make new HQ
Message log
Keisuke Sanan's sudden change of looks left Chizuru a bit puzzled
On a patrol with Heisuke
Damsel in distress
Souji is surprised how the girl we just saved looks so alike Chizuru
I guess we could pass as twins
Talking to Isami at the headquarters
Shinsengumi are very protective of Chizuru
These two were skulking in the bushes, but didn't go unnoticed
As the story progresses, so does the time
Shinpachi is worried about the sudden cannon fire
Hajime sharing a few words of wisdom
Susumu is reporting the status of the enemy camp
Genzaburo is determined to hold the line against the enemy
Kyuju is showing Saito the power of being a demon
Saito is protecting you against Kazama
Saito doesn't look good
Giving Saito your blood
The enemy has us surrounded, time to plan our escape route
This soldier doesn't quite look like himself
Time to break in and stop their crazy experiments
Checking status of affection and corruption of key Shinsengumi soldiers
Unlockable event scene gallery