Hot Pixel Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

Title screen
Autosave notice
Main menu
Difficulty selection
Episode selection
Loading screen
Mini-game "Street Sweat"
Mini-game: golfing
FMV: Street Wear -- Lose
FMV: "Awareness" -- Intro
Mini-game "Awareness"
Mini-game "Awareness"
Mini-game -- a nice "Breakout" homage
Mini-game: treasure hunt
Mini-game -- image enhancement
Mini-game -- reaction
FMV: "Underground" -- Lose
FMV: "Underground" -- Win
FMV: "Awareness" -- Lose
Training mode
Playlist mode
Unlocked bonuses
Music player
"Struggle" intro movie
"Music 24/7" intro movie
Break thru
Drive her crazy
Drive safely from the parking
Clean that finger!
Don't crash
Flap your wings
Avoid the traffuc
Feel the rhythm
Hit the skater
Unzip the baby
Pierce her tongue
Pump the ink
Swallow clouds