Infected Credits (PSP)

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Infected Credits

Planet Moon Studios

ConceptNick Bruty, Scott Guest, Aaron Loeb, Bob Stevenson, Tim Williams
CEO,  Co‑FounderBob Stevenson
President, Co‑FounderNick Bruty
Lead ArtistKen Capelli
Senior AnimatorKevin Wright
Senior Environment ArtistTrevor Grimshaw
Technical ArtistRaven Alef
UI ArtistRobert Mouck
ArtistSundeep Dass
Environment ArtistMike Badillo, Daniel Seiberling
Avatar ArtistHeather Capelli, Frank Lam
Additional ArtColin Fix, Chris Swanson, Lakshya Digital
Director Of TechnologyScott Guest
Lead ProgrammerIke Herman
Senior Network EngineerRichard Sun
Senior ProgrammerMartin Brownlow, Darren Ensley, Andrew Mattingly
Junior ProgrammerJames Wilson, Luke Zulauf
Creative DirectorTim Williams
Lead DesignerJeffrey Sondin-Kung
DesignerDan Chao, Ryan Kaufman
ProducerAaron Loeb
Associate ProducerKimberly Marlis
ScriptTim Williams
EditingAaron Loeb
ManualRyan Kaufman
ThanksThe Alef and Esmaili families, Allyn and the Pussycats, Stacey Herring Astor & Geordi, Randall Breen, Andie Brownlow, Heather Capelli, Eva Capelli, GameSpy, Cece Gapunuan, Tina Gin, Camille Guerrero (fiancĂ©e of Daniel Seiberling), Claire Guest, Holly Guest, Jack Guest, Erin Herman, i5 Labs, iTunes, Izzy - Max and especially Michelle, Jeff's Wife Lisa & daughter Olive with love, Lakshya Digital, Leelu + Pendelton + Pearly + Daren, Kate Mee, Kynogon, Mike Badillo thanks Planet Moon and 840Labs, Steven Murray, Claire Murray, Mom + Dad + Bo + Eyee + Chinese Radio + Elissa + Spencer + Ted + Barbara, Natashia + Milo + Lola + Lena, The Nicolucci Family, Bobby Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Jeffrey W. Rose, Everyone at SCEA developer support, Steven Sereboff, Lawrence Smith, Doug Stevenson (and the boys at Vibrant Media), Angelika Williams, Lily Williams, Annika Williams, the Zulauf family, Erin Owes, Dottie Owes, Top Sgt. Stubby Raines
Very Special ThanksFoundation 9: Charla + Mika + Isaac + Andrew + Dave S. + Doug + Rich + Gary, Matt Firme, Mike Salmon, Simon Jeffrey, Dean Martinetti, George Stevenson, Joseph Sutton, Adam Sutton, Neil Young, Doodie ‑n‑ Frankie

Majesco Entertainment Company

EVP, Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
VP Product DevelopmentDan Kitchen
ProducerDean Martinetti
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
IT ManagerPaul Campagna
Quality Assurance ManagerJoe McHale
Project QA LeadKevin Kurdes
QA LeadAndrew Bado, Robert Cooper, Eric Jezercak
TesterOnix Alicea, Jon Black, Jorge Cosme, Gina T. Giacobbe, Ian Gillespie, Nick Greder, Joey Goldstein, Manny Hernandez, Josh Hexner, Steve Macko, Peter Rosky, Martin Sanelli, Tito Jiminez, Philip Johnson, Kerwin David, Hunter S. Gollum, Miguel A. Nieves, Larry Contreras, Rich Wogan
VP MarketingKen Gold
Senior Product ManagerKevin Brannan
Marketing AssistantMatt Ciccone
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Art DirectorFrank Lam, Vic Merritt
Voice and Sound Effects by3volution Productions
Sound ProducerLaddie Ervin
Lead Sound DesignerSteve Tushar
VoicesJean Raymond (as Diane Jewel), Todd Crumn (as Schaeffer), Various Infected and Civilians [Button Man], L. Britt Ervin (as Commissioner/Announcer/Producer), John Louie (Tom Reilly/Button Boy), Pauline Yasuda (Teacher)
Additional VoicesLee Lodyga, Cynthia Lodyga, David Meinstein
ThanksLaura Heeb & Highwater Group PR, Griffin Stenger & the farmhands at Concept Farm, Slipknot, Mark Hunter (& Chimaira), Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), Raymond Herrera (& Fear Factory), Big Solutions Group, Michelle van Arendonk, Bob Johnson, Matt Polen, Road Runner Records,, Cory Brennan (& Sanctuary Management), Hector & Fernando & Crew, Von Von Von

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