Jet de GO! Pocket Screenshots (PSP)

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PSP version

FMV intro: All planes are from Japan Airlines (JAL).
Main menu
Mode select menu. Note the menu items not highlighted are in English.
Body Performance of a B747-400.
You can enter the tail number of a plane and look it up.
Plane select menu: how about a B747-400 (the one with the long upper deck)?
Choosing an airport...
The map screen shows you the course before flight.
On the runway
Cockpit view: press the triangle button when the symbol in the upper lefthand corner is shown and the flight attendant will make an announcement.
Nose view: full throttle and we are underway.
Taking off.
Uh oh, stall warning! Pulled up too hard...
Flying in darkness and bad weather.
In flight: to stay on course, you have to fly through the markers.
In flight: hitting the marker dead center.
Game Over screen
The flight logbook serves as a record of the pilot's activities.
Banking left over the ocean with some lens flare.
Lowering the landing gear.
Taking off in a B747 in rainy weather.
The "funnel" shaped marker shows the optimal angle to approach the runway when landing.
Warning messages occur every time you try to pull too extreme a maneuver.
Banking left to approach a runway during sunset.
Smoke rises from the tires when landing the airplane on the runway.
After a successful landing you are given points for your performance as a pilot.
Flying at night: The instrument panel in the cockpit is fully lit.
Flying at night over well-lit terrain.