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4Players.de (Sep 26, 2006)
Juiced Eliminator hat ein gewaltiges Problem: die Konkurrenz! Für sich alleine betrachtet ist die Umsetzung auf Sonys Handheld gar nicht mal schlecht - immerhin finden sich alle Features des Vorbilds auf der UMD. Sogar weitere FMV-Sequenzen hat THQ der PSP-Version spendiert. Hinzu kommen der Crew-Aspekt und die Wetten, mit denen sich Juiced von anderen Mitbewerbern absetzt. Auch technisch kann die Raserei mit einer durchweg flüssigen Darstellung punkten, obwohl man sich schnell an den abwechslungsarmen Kulissen satt gesehen hat. Aber wer braucht Juiced mit seinen immer gleich aussehenden Pisten, wenn er in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition in einer ganzen Stadt umher fahren kann und noch deutlich mehr Tuning-Möglichkeiten hat? Wer braucht Juiced, wenn er in Burnout Legends einen viel cooleren Geschwindigkeitsrausch erlebt? Wer braucht Juiced, wenn er in Outrun 2006 locker-lässig mit seiner Angebeteten auf dem Beifahrersitz über den Asphalt driften kann?
GameSpy (Jul 21, 2006)
Juiced: Eliminator is a decidedly average port of an adequate racer that never stood out from the pack. You could do worse and you could do better, making it hard to notice, buried as it is. It's too bad the core driving model is so flawed, since Juiced could have been a lot more fun with either tighter handling or more spacious course designs. Still, the sturdy career mode makes it worth a look, and if you have like-minded friends, the Ad Hoc multiplayer is great fun.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Aug 14, 2006)
Juiced: Eliminator definitely does things a bit differently to its rivals, but it's let down in too many departments. It's a content-packed, well-produced handheld game - they can put that on the box if they want - but the racing's a bit boring, the load-delays are too regular and too long, it's very punishing when you start getting somewhere, and the lack of online options hurts it (after all, pink-slip racing against the AI is basically just a new way of putting the boot in when you lose; you can always unlock cars in racing games). When you've played it for a few hours, you can see what it's doing and what it's going to do, and all that's really left is to prove yourself right. As much as it's not bad, I can't really think of any reason to recommend it unless you live in a house of blinged up PSP-owning petrolheads.