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75 (Feb 17, 2007)
Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean is the best in the series of this PSP RPG. Sadly, the title still remains as an average RPG and isn’t a must own title. However, fans of the series or RPG hunger PSP owners you will enjoy this title. If you are new to the series I would highly recommend renting this title first and then playing the previous titles. But as it stands the game is an average RPG.
Legendra (Aug 08, 2007)
Assurément le meilleur de la trilogie, Song of the Ocean amène un petit vent de fraicheur sur la série, qui ne fera malheureusement pas changer les avis. Ceux qui ont aimé les deux premiers aimeront, les autres seront toujours aussi peu réceptifs.
IGN (Jan 23, 2007)
It took a while, but Song of the Ocean is easily the best title of the Legend of Heroes trilogy. Even though it’s a standalone title, it's nice to see a little bonus provided for series fans with the new battle scenes and cameos of previous characters. It's also nice to see a few new features within the battle system. However, even with these changes to the game, Song of the Ocean still falls victim to some of the problems that have hampered the series. It's the strongest title of the trilogy, but it's still a ways away from being a must have RPG.
GameSpot (Jan 29, 2007)
The Legend of Heroes III is an entirely separate story, so it won't shed any light on the events of the previous two games. That leaves you without much reason to play this game unless you have an unnatural affinity for role-playing games in general. With its solid design and appealing look, this could have been a game worth sinking 50 hours into. But without something--anything--to distinguish this game and give it a bit of personality, you'll find it difficult to keep playing that long.
GamePro (US) (Jan 24, 2007)
Not much else about the game systems or scenario has changed, other than to grow more familiar and dull. This new release even repeats some of the exact same sidequests from Legend of Heroes II. If someone had bothered to design an original game around this level of technology and artistry, we'd really have something. Too bad we got this mid-'90s relic instead.
Worth Playing (Mar 08, 2008)
If you're one of the people who played through and enjoyed the first two titles in the series, then nothing I say will convince you not to play and enjoy the third, The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. This review is more for those who enjoy RPGs and have cast an idle eye over Legend of Heroes III at their local game store and wondered if it was worth their time. Let me save you the trouble: Legend of Heroes III starts slowly, doesn't build to anything worth writing about, and doesn't even have challenging combat or an interesting plot. Keep well away, as Legend of Heroes III wasn't even a good game in 1999.
The ambitious formula continues! That is to say that this is another bland entry into the series that doesn't do anything particularly good or bad. Since this release’s story is independent from its predecessors, it’s both a standalone title and one that remains of interest only to those who enjoyed the design of the first and second. On its own, it’s not worth full price; in the collection, it makes no difference since they are only rudimentarily tied together. The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean continues the generic streak in fine form.
1UP (Feb 05, 2007)
Even when viewed as simple remakes, Legend of Heroes just doesn't work out. Look at Square Enix, which routinely remakes its Final Fantasy games and puts in a respectable amount of effort trimming the fat to make an old game palatable in the present. LOH III ends a series that at first was tolerable, but with a frightening flatline in the level of quality, it only cements itself as dead-center average.
GameSpy (Feb 07, 2007)
Legend of Heroes III is far from a bad game, but it seems content with being merely adequate, and nothing more. It's like the student that constantly turns in C-grade papers since he knows he'll pass the class with those, even when he could aim for a much higher score. If the only system you've got is a PSP and you're totally jonesing for an RPG, Legend of Heroes III might be sufficient enough. Otherwise, there's nothing about it that makes it worth recommending.