Legends of War: Patton's Campaign Credits


Game DirectorAlberto Domínguez Aguilar
ProducerJosé Antonio Checa Porto
Game DesignAlberto Domínguez Aguilar, Guillermo Aguilera Bugallo, Virginia Martin Pérez
CodeAngel Guijarro Melendez, Antonio Iglesias Soria
Art DirectorDaniel Nombela Lopez, Rafael Jiménez Rodríguez
ArtAna Belen Blas Gomez, Xose Geada Uzal
Additional ArtDaniel Andres Santos Martin, Fernando Ruiz Calderón, David Mora Chamorro, Eduardo G. Schenfeld, Rodrigo Guerrero Ramos
Video & Cut‑scenesDaniel Nombela Lopez, Raul Garcia Garcia
Level Design & Gameplay ScriptingGuillermo Aguilera Bugallo, Virginia Martin Pérez, David Rodríguez Pascual
SoundtrackDavid García Díaz
QA & TestingAlberto Toledo Ros, Hugo Cano Soriano, Iñaki De Miguel Barbero
Management & SalesJuan Suarez Tamargo, Oscar Vaquero Puerta
Special ThanksJorge Aguilera Galán, Francisco Porras Ruiz, Yago Martínez Rodríguez, Ñaco Martínez Rodríguez, Mónica García Herrera, Beatriz Checa García, Silvia Checa García, Beatriz Herrera Espadiña, my wonderful son Héctor and my super-wife Elena, Piña Coco, for their master lessons and wisdom during our lunch times., Alejandra, for making more comfortable our workplace, My brother Alberto and my future nephew Adrian., Isidro Nogueiras (who always asked me when would be the game for sale), Luz, for those really hot coffees and the which accompanied every beer., Andrés, for all the World War II movies and knowledge he has shared with me during the game's development., To our families and friends for all their love, care and unconditional support.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (194138)