LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title/main menu.
Introduction movie.
Each movie has its own map with 5 (re)playable chapters.
The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.
Warning to the pirates.
This is Jack's way of docking the ship.
Only characters with the hammer can repair broken contraptions and machines.
Give donkey the carrot to wake him up.
Will Turner versus Jack Sparrow.
Switching between characters.
Touch all the flags to earn bonus reward.
Watch out not to roll over your allies.
Jack to the rescue.
Dog does not need a shovel to dig up something buried.
Fighting the red coats.
Need a barrel to breathe underwater.
Camouflage even Solid Snake would be envious about.
Will is still lacking the skills to be a true pirate.
Use the torch to light the cannon fuse and break down the gates.
You can ride horses, donkeys, pigs... you name it.
Time to wake up, Mr. Gibbs.
Something smells here and it ain't me.
Use the lantern to light your path in the cavern.
Jack reminiscing his great escape the last time he was stranded on this island.
Nice view of the island.
Exchange banana for a shovel.
Loading theater play vary depending on the movie you are playing.
This ship isn't going anywhere.
Swing away to freedom.
Passing through the cannibal village.
Yikes, where did the bridge go...
Time to test the theory if Black Pearl is really the fastest ship in the world.
Using the cannon to harm the Kraken by shooting at the tentacles.
Time to lift that dynamite cargo and take out the Kraken.
Fearless Captain Jack Sparrow, armed with nothing but a toothbrush.
Just in time for the fireworks.
Time for exchange.
When Jack plays the guitar hero, soldiers will start to dance and stop their attacks for the duration of the song.
You can replay chapters with any of the unlocked characters.