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RPGFan (Oct 10, 2009)
How happy you are with MUA 2 on the PSP will rely to a certain degree on what you expect going in, but your expectations will probably have a lot less effect here than they would if you were playing the game on the DS. I had fun on the DS, but I really enjoyed this game a lot on the PSP. It is relatively short, but the idea is that you'll play it more than once. Most folks will probably go for the Xbox 360 or PS3 version, and admittedly, you won't get every single bit of the home console experience here, but if you are in the mood for some super powered action on the go, the PSP version is the one to buy. If you played the original, this installment will often feel like more of the same, but with the original MUA being so great, even those times are a lot of fun.
IGN (Oct 05, 2009)
The Wii version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 was nothing to write home about, and dropping in a bunch of technical issues like long loads and a terrible framerate while removing multiplayer doesn't make the PSP any more appealing.
GameSpot (Sep 21, 2009)
Some licensed games are a labor of love, exhibiting profound respect for the source material. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, on the other hand, doesn't exhibit the kind of care and reverence a beloved brand merits. It's inelegant and underdeveloped, and while the original featured both ad-hoc and online co-op play, you're stuck on your own this time around. Halfhearted dialogue, bad AI, unimaginative level design, stripped RPG elements, and all sorts of other factors make the game feel as if it were pieced together on an assembly line and quickly tossed onto store shelves. The Marvel License--and PSP owners--deserve better.