Mercury Meltdown Credits

Ignition Entertainment Ltd.

Managing DirectorVijay Chadha
Sales DirectorAjay Chadha
Marketing DirectorGreg Baverstock
Head of OperationsJim Philpot
Printed Materials ManagerKelly-ann Styles
Product ManagersPeter Rollinson, Manoj Kumar
UK Sales ManagerCarl Franks
International Sales ManagerPhu Tien
Information TechnologyDanny Bailey
LogisticsJoy Sreeraman

Ignition Japan

General ManagerKaz Takeshita

Ignition USA

PresidentPaul Robinson
Director of Product Development USAKen Gratz
Account RepresentativeJaime Robinson

Ignition Banbury

Head of StudioEd Bradley
Head of ArtDrew Northcott
QA ManagerRob Palfreman
DesignRichard Hancock, Mark Walden
ArtNorm Chung, Andy Debus, Dan McCaul, John Moss, Chris Sharpley, Nina Simeone, Kevin Wicks
ProgrammingKieren Bloomfield, Ed Bradley (again), Ste Butcher, Morris Butler, Oscar Forth, Gordon Hayes, Steve C. Jones, Jeb Mayers, Fred O'Rourke, Ade Smith, Gareth Thomas, Richard Turnbull
AudioJohn Hancock, Gordon Hayes
QA TechniciansArash Amini, Steve Chimes, Will Jenkins, Michelle Leonard, David Newson, Mike Watt
AdministrationBev Souter


Creative and Managing DirectorAndy Whitehurst
Localisation and DTP SupportPartnertrans 
Special Thanks toAde Scotney (for keeping us going), Yuji Nakamura (for everything), Fynlay Chadha, Shino Gratz, Elise Gratz, Katie Robinson, Tyler Robinson, Xan Robinson, Troy Robinson, Tanner Robinson, Robert Philpot, Bethany and Ellie, Layla and Karina, Wendy, Nick & Thomas, Liz, Martine, Anne‑Marie, Tor, Joanne, Justine, Caroline & Jess, Sue, Hannah, Tim, Mike, Mary & Jack, An, Kate, little Sammy man & Kiera, Joanne & Eimear, Jazz Gooby, Jack Gooby
Thanks toSN Systems, Yeah THANKS 'Way of the Rodent', The Priory, The Exchange crew for liquid inspiration, Denise, The Flying Baguette, Our local games store staff, Bagel Bite for delivering our breakfast, Bog the Sanity Checker, Voice samples from Black 2 Black, Hallelujah

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69396)