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Micro Machines V4 (PSP)

Micro Machines V4 Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Player profile
Race mode and track select screen
Bone Barge track preview
Some magazines on road on Bone Barge track
You win new cars
Bedroom Bends track preview
Near ball on Bedroom Bends track
Pedal Bin Pile-Up track preview
Dueling with 2 cars near hearth rings on Pedal Bin Pile-Up track
Dueling with 2 cars near the smoothing-iron on Pedal Bin Pile-Up track
COM use Machine Gun at the hatbox bridge on Pedal Bin Pile-Up track
Car stats view at Garage
Loading screen for Pool Parade track
Pool Parade track preview
Using hammer at Tile Tearaway track
Big stone bridge at Museum Madness track
Dueling with 2 at Plant GP track
Desktop Danger track preview
Falling out of track at Desktop Danger