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Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play (PSP)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play Credits

Midway Home Entertainment

Executive Director, External DevelopmentMichael Gottlieb
Executive ProducerMark Caldwell
ProducerJohn Stookey
Senior Technical DirectorGary Lake-Schaal
Directors of DevelopmentTrevor Snowden, Mark Teal
Senior Art DirectorCraig Rundels
Legal CounselRobert Gustafson, Michael Burke, Cory Halpern
Business DevelopmentLee Jacobson
QA  DirectorPaul Sterngold
QA  ManagerMalcolm Scott
Technical Standard AnalystsJennifer Johnson, Jason Jorgenson, Josh Palmer
QA  SupervisorBrien J. Atangan
QA  Lead AnalystsRay Hammer, Valerie Head
Product AnalystsElizabeth Becker, Kevin Bell, Jamie Gibbs, Casey Mendenhall, Jacob Primeaux, Kent Raffrray, Jason Richman, J. B. Sarao, Bryan Shaw
Austin QA SupervisorMark Richards
Print Design & ProductionCreative Services - San Diego CA
Chicago Creative MediaMichael Crawford, Rigoberto Cortes, Christian Munoz, Jack O'Neall, Chris Skrundz, BethAnn Smukowski, Dimitrios Tianis, Christa Woss, Larry Wotman
Senior Vice President, MarketingSteven M. Allison
Chief Marketing OfficerSteven M. Allison
Vice President, MarketingMona Hamilton
Director, MarketingTom McClure
Director, Channel MarketingGreg Mucha
Director, Public RelationsReilly Brennan
Media Relations ManagerSarah Moschea
Special ThanksDavid F. Zucker, Matthew V. Booty, Scot Lane, Nathan Rose, Paul D. LeFevre, Hedy MacDonald, Regan Kerwin, Clarly Yandell, Karla Wurzel, Eric Miracle, Toan Ngo, Tom Lane, John Fisher, Mark Allen, Edward Tucker, Samuel Peterson, Martin Spiess, Randall Mage, Nina Lampinen, and Everyone at Localsoft
Managing Director, LondonMartin Spiess
European Sales DirectorRob Gross
Senior Product ManagerMike Eglington
European Product ManagerAidan Minter, Matthew Huband
Assistant Brand ManagerCraig Parker-Wood
Public Relations ManagerPhil Robinson
European PR ManagerClare Turner
Submissions CoordinatorChristopher Giggins
Software Product CoordinatorJoanna Hammond
Creative Services AssistantAndrew McGregor

Digital Eclipse

ProgrammersChuck Chow, Devin Murnane, Richard Orth, Brian Provinciano, Darren Schebek, Luke Huang
ArtistsDaniel Lam, Diana Fox
ProductionKelly Tainton
Technical DirectorGeorge Phillips
Technical ProducerJeff Vavasour
Executive ProducerJoe Bonar
Special ThanksAlida, Teruko, Cthulhu, Jolt, Geraldine Kor, The Nineties
Peter Gunn ThemeHenry Mancini (words & music)

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (15992)