MVP Baseball Credits (PSP)

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MVP Baseball Credits

Developed at EA Canada

Executive ProducerWarren Wall
ProducersJoel Manners, David McCarthy
Lead DesignerChris Ferriter
Production TeamRyan Greenlow
Development DirectorMichele Mancuso
Lead ProgrammerJan G. Tian
Lead ArtistDavid Adams
Programming TeamSarat Buddharaju, John Carley, Daniel Carter, Charles Chao Li, David Hiscock, Bren Lynne, Kallol Mitra, Drewan Nicholson, Jason Poon
ModelersCurtis Hoines, Jordan Irons, Roger Mitchell, Duke Tong
Lead Graphic DesignerPeter Hoang
Graphic DesignerMauricio Pommella
Art Production ManagerJulia Knot
Audio LeadMatthew Marteinsson
AudioFrederic Scheubel
Lead Front End ProgrammerOwen Goss
Front End Programming TeamClayton Arnall, Denny Chen, Jeremy Denton, Peter Hood, Steven Liu, Patrick Major, Tanya Patysseva, Jared Simpson, Don Wong, Stephen C. Wong
Production ManagerAl Harding
Development DirectorsMichael Crump, Tina Merry, Robin Young
Production SupportJulie Elliot, Jessica Robinson

Central Content and Technology

Senior Development DirectorTony Lam
Technical DirectorsMartin Edwards, Richard L. Seaborne
Central Programming TeamJames Brookes, Brian Chan, Martin Edwards, David Hiscock, Jaysen Huculak, Gaz Iqbal, Anand Kelkar, Michael Percy, Greg Schaefer, Andrea Schiel, Gerry Shaw, Steven Silvester, Brian Stafford, Steve Watson, Thomas Wilson, Alban Wood
Development DirectorsMichael Crump, Tina Merry

Testing Team

Project ManagerFrank Benton
Team LeadChris Dumaresq
TestersAllan Dotson, Alun Hollyman, Jordan Koop, Adam Mark, Adam Murphy, Shane Storozuk, Joel Stack, Brandon Waardenburg

Marketing and PR

Marketing DirectorMatt Bilbey
Product ManagerJames McDermott
Marketing TeamGlenn Chin, Chris Hrennikoff, Jeff Karp, Otis Perrick
Public Relations TeamTammy Levine

EA Legal

LicensingJennifer Damewood, Milly Ng, Alicia Truby
Legal ApprovalsSue Garfield, Michelle Manahan, Lettecia Rayson, Samantha Zhang

Special Thanks

Special ThanksAlan Blouin, Roger Chamberlain, Troy Gray, Brad Kram, Brent Nielson, Federico Rahal, Dee Jay Randall, Daryl Smith, Martin Talbot, Julian Walshaw-Vaughan, Cory Yip

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Credits for this game were contributed by sohn (75)