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GameSpot (May 27, 2005)
MVP Baseball on the PSP has its share of problems. Certainly the presentation could have been more polished, considering EA Sports delayed the game multiple times. Also, the absence of a franchise mode and the complete lack of online play, or at least downloadable roster updates, are both significant minuses, especially since the rosters are so outdated. Even so, there isn't another baseball game on the system that feels this authentic or puts so many aspects under the player's control.
PSX Extreme (Jun 10, 2005)
MVP Baseball is in no way a poor game, but it's clearly lacking polish. There are obviously limits as to how long a sports title can be delayed, so EA had to get the game out the door at some point, but one can't help but wonder if another six weeks of work couldn't have made the game significantly better. As it stands now, MLB is the way to go if you're looking to play some baseball while on the go. Not only is it a better game, but it's $10 cheaper as well.
IGN (May 27, 2005)
There are clear and present performance issues here. looks rushed, and that fact becomes more pronounced when you compared it side by side with MLB. Next time we want better looking characters, models, more detail in the stadiums, no black-out screens, less glitches and online gameplay. They're completely capable of pulling it off, which makes their shortcoming here all the more disappointing.
Despite this being an EA Sports title, the conversion of MVP to the PSP isn't a simple case of shrinkage. Although the game looks really nice, complete with detailed faces and custom batter animations, it fails to deliver on the hallmarks of the MVP series.
MVP Baseball is a hit or miss, depending on your love for the game and your baseball video game experience. Play in the disappointing details (like chuggy gameplay and a lack of anything special) and MVP just doesn't feel like anything exceptional at all, especially for the price.
GameSpy (May 31, 2005)
Anyone looking at the PSP for their baseball has to consider MVP. It has a significant amount of the same flair, features, and intuitive fun as the console version. It's also missing online play (MLB for the PSP has online), dynasty mode, the Hitter's Eye feature, and has some other minor annoyances. It's really a toss-up as to which game is better, but PSP owners should know this -- the Dreamcast never had ONE decent baseball game released for it. The PSP already has two. If this title had come out before the console version, I'm sure we'd have been amazed by its accomplishments, rather than puzzled by its mistakes.
MVP does win in the area of presentation, offering nice camera angles during replay. The game then needs to stop completely as it loads the next better. It's aggravating, and while they can be turned off, the game loses any advantage visually. Even with the delays, there's no reason for MVP to enter your UMD collection. For once, a 989 game is on top, and in just about every major category. It's rare to even hear that, so at the least, you know by picking MLB, you're taking part in a rare gaming moment.