Related Web Sites

  • Myst (official website)
  • Cyan's Myst Walkthrough (Full solution to Myst)
  • JTB's Myst Help (A webpage providing a hint book in three different formats, illustrated puzzle solutions, both spoiler-free and spoiler-laden tips, maps of the Channelwood Age, links to other sources of online help for the game, and a set of save games for the Macintosh version of the game.)
  • Myst.Com (Cyan's Official Myst Homepage.)
  • Myst UHS Hints (Online web hints for Myst, written by Jason Strautman.)
  • Play Myst For Me (An article by Scott Rosenberg, originally published in the SF Examiner Sunday Magazine, detailing his experiences attempting to get Myst running on his (dated) PC (1994 - Feb. 1995).)
  • The Myst Guidebook (The Myst subsection of the Guidebook fansite that provides information about the game and a brief background on the game's production and later remake in addition to game hints and a walkthrough.)
  • Wikipedia: Myst (article about the game in the open encyclopedia)

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